6 Ways To Make A Lipstick That "Isn't Your Shade" Work For You

In an effort to cut back on the dramatics, I won't say that there's nothing, but I will say that there are few things in this world more exciting than bringing home a new lipstick. And the only thing that can foil that feeling is when your new, perfect shade turns out to be anything but once you bring it home. However, there are ways to make a lipstick that isn't "your shade" work for you.

Unfortunately, because different lip tones can affect how a lipstick looks, it can be difficult to know when a lipstick will work perfectly with your coloring. You can stalk all of the swatches and all of the reviews, but sometimes that lippie you think (or hope!) will be your new go-to just looks off. But before you give up on it and pass it along, know that you really can give it a good home. You'll just need to better acquaint it with some of your other makeup. Oh yeah, get ready to play makeup artist. Here are six ways to make a lip shade that you thought you couldn't pull off totally work for you. Because lipstick always deserves a second chance.

1. Try It With A Lip Liner

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The liner that you pair with your lipstick can really make a difference in the way it appears. If you want it to look lighter or darker, layer a lighter or darker lip liner underneath. Want a different tone? Layer a cooler toned pencil under your lipstick to help neutralize some of the warm tones, or layer a warmer toned pencil under your lipstick to help neutralize some of the cool tones.

2. Try It With A Gloss

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Layering a gloss over your lipstick can also help give you a more desirable appearance. For example, I'm not usually one to wear straight concealer on my lips. But I found that applying a translucent, pink gloss on top of concealer actually resulted in a totally cute, milky-pink look. And if a gloss can transform concealer, it can certainly transform a lipstick.

3. Lighten It

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White lipstick is one of those things you never think you'll need, but is actually a total game-changer. Use it to easily lighten any lip color by applying it under or over the shade you want to change.

4. Darken It

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Likewise, you can also mix black lipstick with any shade to darken it.

5. Mix It With Another Shade

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If you're feeling especially experimental though, try mixing in any other color in your stash. You might be surprised just how many flattering combos you can make simply by mixing lipsticks you already own. And hey, if you want to get really crazy, try mixing three shades at once.

6. Switch Up Your Makeup

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Of course, if you're not particularly into the idea of layering a bunch of lippies, try switching up the type of makeup you're wearing before you decide a color isn't for you. If you usually rock a relatively neutral look, and go for an ultra-nude lipstick, you might find it washes you out. But try that same lippie with a smoky eye, and it just might rock your world.

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