What's The Song In The Black & White Victoria's Secret Ad? Watch Out For This Electro-Pop Artist — VIDEO

In a black and white and underwear all over advertisement for lingerie leviathan Victoria’s Secret, a few of Victoria’s Angels slowly pose, twirl, and show off the latest Body by Victoria undergarment collection as a snippet of an ear-catching tune plays. An ear-catching tune that—dare I say it?—popped right off the TV and landed smack dab in the middle of my heart. The name of the sultry and vibrant song featured in the Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria ad? It is MOONZz's first single "Satisfy." The LA-based musician dropped the trip-trap track in fall of 2015.

Looking for a MOONZz CD? Eh, you will to have to wait a bit: The singer-songwriter has yet to release a debut album, but she recently told Beatport that we can expect her first EP in "late March sometime."

If this jam is your jam (I mean, why wouldn’t this jam be your jam? The jam is fiiiire.) and you would like to hear more MOONZz music, then I recommend you treat your ears to her cover of Selena Gomez’s 2015 hit single “Good For You.” And then, when you’re like, “OK, I’m ready to hear another piece of musical magic from MOONZz,” then give 2016 record “Deja Vu” a listen.

And of course, give the music video for "Satisfy" a play (or seven):

Victoria's Secret on YouTube

Image: Victoria's Secret/YouTube