A 'Gilmore Girls' Cookbook Is Crowdfunding Now

Gilmore Girls fans have one more reason to get excited, as another little piece of Stars Hollow heads to the real world. A Gilmore Girls cookbook is crowdfunding now, so that you can Eat Like a Gilmore — if your stomach can handle it. Author Kristi Carlson's Kickstarter campaign has raised almost 12-and-a-half percent of its $20,000 goal.

Eat Like a Gilmore has three recipe categories: foods from a joint like Luke's Diner; fancier, Friday Night Dinner fare; and the hipster nosh one might find at any New England B&B, like The Dragonfly Inn. With this kind of diversity, there's no reason you can't take a page out of the Gilmore Girls cookbook for any occasion.

Interested foodies can buy their way into Carlson's book. Up to 10 backers who contribute $250 plus a suitable recipe will have their culinary creations featured in Eat Like a Gilmore. For $500, coffee shop owners and wedding cake designers can get their businesses featured in the book. Other backer tiers include signed copies of the Gilmore Girls cookbook, clothing, and email-delivered recipes.

Gilmore Girls fans are in a constant state of celebration these days, as the show's Netflix revival creeps closer and closer. When it finally rolls around, no watch party will be complete without food from Eat Like a Gilmore.

Image: Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions