Rory & Emily Reunite In New 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Photo & It'll Give You All The Feels — PHOTO

At this point, I have no doubts that Gilmore Girls revival is like the gift that keeps on giving. Earlier this month, we learned that Finn would be returning to the show, and now Tanc Sade — the actor that plays him — has posted a glorious reunion photo of himself, Alexis Bledel, and Kelly Bishop on Twitter — effectively orchestrating our first look at a Rory Gilmore and Emily Gilmore reunion.

Which leads me to naturally speculate, what is Rory and Emily's relationship like now? Their dynamic has always been different than Rory and Lorelai's — and certainly much different than Loreali and Emily's. But how will this eight year absence have affected them? When the show ended in 2007, Rory was on her way to follow Obama on his campaign trail, and everyone in Star's Hollow was acting like she'd never return or would most certainly die of some disease along the way. Emily was of course bummed to not have her Friday night dinners anymore, I suspect for two reasons: one because she would be seeing much less of Rory, and two because she would be seeing much less of Lorelai. But more on that in a sec. First, take a gander at the reunion photo below and get ready for some more speculation, re: Rory and Emily's relationship.

The way I see it, this could go one of two ways. Either Emily sees some of herself in Rory — a no non-sense, independent woman — and respects her choice to leave Stars Hollow. Or Emily feels resentful that she left at all. It's very possible that since Rory's departure, Emily and Lorelai's relationship has also fallen by the wayside. Without Rory as their anchor, the two don't have as much to connect on. Or at the very least, they don't have a reason to not argue. I could see Emily (in typical Emily fashion) blaming this on Rory's departure.

The way the finale set things up though, I'm going to speculate that Emily's still as proud of Rory as she was on the day they said goodbye. If you remember the pivotal, tear joking moment when the stoic Emily Gilmore delivered this line to Rory: "It’s an honor to be your grandmother, Rory Gilmore," then you might agree. I doubt absence — which supposedly makes the heart grow fonder — will have changed her mind.

Of course, there's also the possibility that Rory came back soon after Obama was elected and that things have been hunky dory ever since. We won't get answers to these questions until the revival premieres on Netflix, but in the meantime, there's no harm at staring at this photo and imagining where Amy Sherman-Palladino will take these two Gilmores next. Just hoping that we get to see at least one Friday night dinner.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy