'Pitch Perfect 2' OMG Yes Alert: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Are In

Well this is certainly be a ringing endorsement for the sequel's viability: the female stars of the original Pitch Perfect , Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, have signed deals securing their return in the Elizabeth Banks-directed Pitch Perfect 2 . Huzzah! Grab your best cups, nerds, it's time to a-ca fool.

The original, while not perfect, was a breakout success and we're happy to hear that Kay Cannon has also returned to pen the sequel's script. The return of Kendrick and Wilson was not totally in question — both actresses were reportedly gung-ho from the get-go about it — but given their success (separately) since the movie's premiere, their increasingly busy schedules certainly kept them from being guarantees. Kendrick recently wrapped shooting the big screen adaptation of the musical Into The Woods, while Wilson is currently (though who knows for how long) starring in ABC's Super Fun Night, a comedy that made her triple-threat status as she created, produced and wrote the series. She is also shooting a part in Night at the Museum 3, so she may just be the busiest one of them all.

The film already has a release date — May 15, 2015 — so the countdown is on. Only 462 days to go before the return of the pitch slap.

Image: Giphy