Who Is Christine Burke? Scott Disick's Rumored Girlfriend Looks Like Kendall Jenner & Models Like Her, Too

In case you missed it, rumor has it that Scott Disick is dating Christine Burke, a 20-year-old model who bears a striking resemblance to Kendall Jenner, Disick's former sister-in-law. (Yes, he and Kourtney Kardashian were never married, but for the sake of making things simple, the two were basically in-laws.) Truth be told, Disick's post-Kardashian love life is going to make headlines no matter what, but the idea of Lord Disick dating someone who is not only 12 years younger than him, but someone who looks so much like his ex's younger sister — is bound to set the Internet right the eff off. This situation in particular is leaving just about everyone wondering: Who is Christine Burke?

First things first: Yes, she looks like Kendall. Yes, she is also the same age as Kendall. And yes, she is a model — just like Kendall. But Burke is also her own person. She just happens to be one who vacations with Disick to Mexico to hang out at Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis' vacation home, according to Us Weekly. (It should be noted that Disick met Kourtney Kardashian at one of Joe Francis' house parties.) The mag also reports that Disick and Burke, who were most recently photographed grabbing a meal together in L.A., have been "hooking up for weeks."

Get more details about Christine Burke below.

She Graduated From High School 91 Weeks Ago

That translates into roughly two years ago. Doesn't the old adage go "If she has high school graduation pictures on her Insta, she's too young for you, bro?"

And Yes, She's An Absolutely Stunning Model

Next Management has all of her modeling stats, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

The Kendall Jenner Comparison Is A Given, But She Also Looks Like Rachael Leigh Cook

Especially in those She's All That days. Does anyone else see this?

And Also A Little Bit Like Selena Gomez

Maybe just at this angle.

Her Travel Pics Will Make You Green With Instagram-Induced Envy

I need to be wherever this is, right now.

But Besides Her Modeling Life, Burke Seems Just Like A Regular 20-Something Girl

One who may be dating Scott Disick, but still.