When Curling Your Hair Goes Wrong

Unfortunately for us beauty lovers, there is no shortage of things that can go wrong when curling your hair. Whether it be through heated or heatless methods, our constant quest for perfection when it comes to bouncy ringlets or delicate waves is often thwarted by our own human error. All one can hope for is that they don't burn all their hair off with the curling iron. The safest route for those who are nervous is probably to stick with classic pink curlers like Frenchie from Grease, or a rope braid that will give you waves while you sleep.

As someone who is just recently learning about curling hair on the daily, I can not seem to pass over the horror stories. As straightforward as curling your hair may seem, there are just so many ways it can go awry. That is probably why my hair is naught but a fine, stringy, mess most of the time, whilst my coworkers look like they have intensely examined and studied the hair of Hollywood stylists and starlets. But I'm learning! And I'd like to pass some newfound knowledge on to you.

For those brave souls who like to play with fire, it can be done safely. You just need to do so with caution. Here are just a few of the things that you can mess up completely when trying to curl your own hair with a curling wand or iron!

1. Your Hair Will Be Way Too Wet

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Using a curling wand or iron with wet hair ensures that your hair is more likely to be subjected to breakage, according to fellow Bustle writer Miki Hayes. It also ensures that your iron will steam furiously.

2. You Will Use A Sub-Par Curler

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An old and outdated iron means the probability of things going wrong for you much more easily. According to Hayes, older irons may be made of old materials and coating can wear off and short out over time. Invest in an iron with a good ceramic barrel. Additionally, Women's Health recommends opting for a marcel iron (the kind with a swivel handle) because "the clip on a spring can cause unwanted creases in your curls." Either way, your hair is more susceptible to damage if you're using something out of date or incorrect for your needs.

3. You Will Forget Heat Protection

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protection Primer, $28, Sephora

It's super important to use some form of protection from the heat of the curling iron/your hair. Try any Bumble and Bumble products for the best locked in moisture. Next, StyleCaster recommends you diffuser to dry and close your cuticles. If necessary, use hairspray to hold.

4. You Will Curl A Strand For Too Long

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Curling irons can reach up to 450°F, so according to Hayes, it should never take more than 10 seconds for each section of hair to curl. Use lower heat on finer and fragile hair!

5. You Will Curl Hair In The Wrong Direction

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StyleCaster recommends that you curl away from your face, lest you burn yourself and everything you love! The wrong way will totally throw off your look, too.

6. You Won't Let Your Curls Set

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After the arduous process of actually curling your hair, if you touch or let your curls fall too soon you will undo all of your hard work! According to Allure, pin curls onto your head while they cool to set and wait about 15 minutes before touching your hair.

7. You Will Curl The Wrong Amount of Hair

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If your curls are too large, you will just work against yourself. Large sections of hair provide loose curls. Women's Health reports that if you go too big, you won't get an even distribution of heat. Try to grab one-inch sections of hair for longer lasting curls.

8. You Will Use Your Wand Or Iron Incorrectly

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Misusing the clamp on your curling iron by clipping your ends and twisting inward is not right. According to Women's Health, do the opposite for a more natural curl. The barrel should be facing toward the floor and you should be twirling your hair instead of the iron!

9. You Will Use The Wrong Barrel

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Slim Wand, $24.90, Amazon

According to Allure, using a barrel that is sized too large or too small for your ideal curls can mean you will always be unsatisfied. Bigger barrels mean bigger curls and vice versa. Test out different sizes from your friends and family or consult an expert before making an informed decision on what size to buy.

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