Kylie Jenner Has Some New Earrings

The youngest Jenner is wildly famous from a social media standpoint, but it’s her Snapchat that’s by far the most popular (and entertaining). In her recent videos she was legitimately unrecognizable, and you may have noticed a new set of piercings, because honestly, they were hard to miss. Did Kylie Jenner get her ears gauged? Given the lengths she and her sisters went to pull off this prank — it’s safe to say, no she didn’t really get gauges, but they sure looked convincing.

Kendall Jenner and Khloé Kardashian joined their younger sister in adding masks, prosthetic noses and more to go “undercover,” in a sense and fool tourists while on a Hollywood bus tour. Of course, Jenner documented the entire process, even the part when they removed their disguises.

She had a wig, glasses and fake tattoos along with the gages to make for the ultimate non-Kylie Jenner look. Seriously, there’s no way I would have ever guessed it was her. But, later, she posted a video of the removal process, and the gauges were gone. So, they seemed to have been just a part of the costume. False alarm, folks. You didn’t think she could stretch her ear lobes without you noticing, did you? Psssh. No way!

Check out these costumes. They don't look like themselves. at. all.

Here, you can really get a good look at Kylie's undercover get-up.

She had those gauges out on display.

But, then the removal process began.

And the gauges disappeared.

Even later in the evening, they were nowhere to be seen.

It was all just an extremely funny prank. Jenner always manages to keep us on our toes. Just another typical day of trying to keep up with her Snapchat story, you know?

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