Lauren & 'Bach' Ben Need To Work These Issues Out

It’s always fun to watch The Bachelor and find out who captures that last rose (and the Bachelor’s heart), but what’s more interesting to me is what happens after the cameras stop rolling. That’s when real-life starts — no more waterfalls in Fiji, scenic helicopter rides, or gondolas in Venice. No, sir. When the season is over, it’s time for grocery shopping, unchaperoned dates, and fighting over how long it takes to get to a destination. Now that Bachelor Ben Higgins and Lauren B. are officially together, they have some real-life decisions to make. When is Lauren moving to Denver, Ben’s adopted hometown?

I know that it’s soon to think about all of this, since the finale of The Bachelor aired, oh, about a week ago, but it seems like Ben and Lauren have already thought it through. On The Bachelor’s After The Final Rose special, Lauren mentioned that she would be moving to Denver “in a few weeks.” Have they stuck to that timeline? So far, so good. While on the Today Show, Ben told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that their plans have stuck: “[Lauren] is moving to Denver. She wanted to do that. That was something we talked about,” he said. “I think most of our days will consist of right now a lot of ‘us time.’ We need that 'in the public,' and just going out to dates and going out to dinner and going grocery shopping is something she really wants to do." Totes agree there, Ben and Lauren. Time to do the mundane stuff (and I happen to really like grocery shopping).

Before they settle down in the Rockies, though, Ben and Lauren were spotted enjoying New York City. According to Page Six, the loving Bachelor duo lived like real tourists in New York and looked at maps for directions, saw The Lion King, and had a few snazzy dinners. To be young and in love and in the city that never sleeps, amirite?

But, let’s get real again. Lauren and Ben, you’re about to live with a significant other. It’s a big step in a relationship, and there are a few things you have to talk about before it happens. I know you’ve only known each other for like three months, so I hope you’ve covered the following before you shack up.

The Reason

Why are you choosing to live together? There should be reasons other than it makes sense financially (which I’m going to guess won’t be a reason for Lauren and Ben, because Bachelor alum can make that paper) or it’s convenient. How about, “I love you and don’t want to be without you for a second?”

The Money

How will you split the rent and the groceries? Will you open up a joint checking account? Divide 50/50? Proportionally? Many couples fight about money, so the sooner you can work out those issues, the better.

The Chores

People operate with different levels of cleanliness — what bothers one may not bother another, so partners need to hash out these expectations ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than quietly seething because something isn't the way you'd want it.

The Exit Strategy

Plain and simple — breakups happen. They do, and even though you may not be married, co-habitating couples need to have an exit strategy. Who gets the apartment if you split up? How do you divide furniture? Any pet custody? Figure that out, too. Of course, it's worst case scenario, but better to be prepared!

Lauren and Ben will be in Denver in no time — best of luck to the lovebirds!

Images: Fred Lee/ABC; Giphy (4)