8 Things Your Mom Wore In The '90s That You Love

You know what they say: Fashion is cyclical, made only more evident by looking back at what your mom wore in the '90s and absolutely loving it all. While looking back in time, I was super embarrassed of her inanely high mom jeans, white socks, and endless collection of shoulder padded blazer, now, I can't even believe she didn't keep it all to give to me.

I recently went through my baby album, a six-inch thick black album chock full of chubby baby photos. Since I'm the youngest, I guess my parents felt the need to document every moment of my early years. Even when I was a few days old and looked more like a loaf of bread than a cute little baby. And in those photos, what stuck out to me most (besides how effing adorable I was), was how insanely cute my mom's outfits were.

Oversized sunnies, vintage Mickey Mouse t-shirts, high-waisted denim shorts, and suede jackets were all in her repertoire. It's difficult to focus on the crying baby when you've got my beautiful mama in the picture, rocking her gorgeous, bouncy curls (a perm, of course) and donning a super grungy-cool-girl-bohemian dress. Seriously, if I could go back in time, I would've scolded her into keeping every single piece of clothing she wore.

Instead, she got rid of them. Like we all do — We get sick of items, swear them off, and donate them away. Lesson learned: I'm keeping my favorite pieces for future children/nieces/nephews, you name it. But nothing will beat those items that my mother wore, giving me serious envy time and time again.

1. Oversized Blazers

And in white? Seriously, my mom had this style thing going on. She made menswear cool before it was even a trend.

2. Printed Blouses

See what I mean about the perm? But seriously, '90s moms got the whole printed blouse thing down.

3. Mom Jeans, Duh

Again — Why didn't she keep them?!

4. Overalls

I was like, "ugh, Mom, you're too old for those." SHAME ON ME.

5. Floral Bohemian Dresses

It's hard to see in this photo, but my mother is wearing the coolest floral dress. In a sea of fitted clothes, I always hated how loosey-goosey her dresses were. I was wrong.

6. Shoulder Pads

We really had the matching thing down. And I'm pretty sure all of my mother's jackets had shoulder pads in them. I'm not complaining now!

7. Belted Dresses

Again with the oversized — My mom had it going on! And while at the time, I thought she looked like a grandmother, I know try to copy this look all the time.

8. Patterned Leggings

Matching was everything, and her blue and white leggings were a perfect pair. And — See those white socks peeking? Dorky, so dorky. But now: Too great.

BRB, looking through these photos again and again to see how much of a babe my mom was (and still is!). While I spent most of my childhood trying to hide from these pieces (why couldn't she stick to her work suits?!), now, I look at them proudly and think, "Yep, that's my momma." And I got it all from her.

Images: Courtesy of writer