Why Hanna Can't Be Dead On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Pretty Little Liars may be on hiatus for now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of questions about what’s going on in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Pretty much every single Liar has been in some kind of danger at least once in the series, but as of right now, it looks like Hanna is in danger of the mortal kind. Kidnapped by A-moji (aka the Uber A that’s been terrorizing the liars post-Charlotte’s death), Hanna could be dead on Pretty Little Liars . Well, that's what the show wants us to belive. But the truth is, Hanna can’t be dead, because it would totally kill the show as we know it.

Somehow, Hanna got the bright idea to lie and tell A-moji that she was the one who killed Charlotte. The Liars, Toby, Ezra, and Caleb were all, “hey, we can protect you,” which is not a good idea in Rosewood because it never, ever works. Last we saw Hanna, she was being dragged, bound and unconscious, through the bell tower of the church — the same place that Charlotte was thrown from. Despite the scary implications, I’m fairly certain that the producers and writers of Pretty Little Liars are just messing with us. They couldn’t kill Hanna off the show, and here’s why.

Haleb Would End

You can’t have the show’s most important ‘ship if one person in said 'ship is dead. Hanna and Caleb are the best couple on Pretty Little Liars (if you thought I would pick Ezra and Aria you are dead wrong), and erasing Hanna from the picture would erase any semblance of joy I get from watching them on screen. True, it could spur Caleb to avenge Hanna’s death, but revenge really isn’t a good look on him. Kissing Hanna in her shower is a good look.

It Would Kill The Comic Relief

Hanna is the silly one of the Pretty Little Liars group, and the writers really have fun with it. Remember when she pronounced the word “gazebo” as “gaze-bow”? Comedy gold. None of the other Liars are as funny as Hanna, and I think killing her off would add too much gravity to a show that’s already gotten pretty dark in recent half-seasons. There’s no laughter without Hanna Marin.

Ashley Marin Would Probably Leave

Ashley Marin is an interesting Pretty Little Liars mom, and she’s definitely the mom we know the most about. Viewers know about her love life, her penchant for stealing an old lady’s money and hiding it in lasagna boxes, and her ability to rebound back from anything (even a murder indictment) and find herself on top. That being said, if Hanna, her only daughter, dies, what will Ashley do? I just can’t see her sticking around Rosewood. There are too many memories there for her. Losing Hanna means losing Queen Ashley Marin, and that’s too much for me to bear.

The ramifications of losing Hanna would change Pretty Little Liars forever, and not in a good way. That alone should be enough to keep her alive for Season 7, when she can get the revenge on A.D. she surely craves.

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