These 8 Timeless Works Got A Hilarious Upgrade

We love classic novels because their themes transcend the time in which they were written. Romeo & Juliet — whether read in 1920 or 2020 — will always be an enduring tale of star-crossed lovers. That being said, we can't help but imagine all the ways the story of Romeo and Juliet would have been different if they'd just had smartphones or Facebook.

FlipSnack, a digital publishing platform, thought some of the most beloved works of fiction could use a modern update, so they created a set of 8 hilarious illustrations that showcase these works of literature with a technological twist.

"When you think about it, modern technology could have solved practically every problem in literary history," illustrator Jazmin Batisti told us. "Juliet could have found someone on Tinder, and Google Maps could have guided Sam and Frodo to Mordor. We thought this would be a fun way to illustrate the classics that everyone can relate to."

Seriously, can you imagine how much easier life would have been for these poor literary characters if they just had the benefit of email and GPS? From Oliver Twist to Catcher and the Rye, these books look a whole lot different with computers involved.

1. What If Romeo & Juliet Had Tinder?

Safe to say, these two would have swiped right for each other. But, they also would've benefited from more open communication — perhaps through text. Checking in with your partner can often prevent completely avoidable, tragic deaths. Just saying.

2. What If The Very Hungry Caterpillar Just Had GrubHub?

We really think this little guy would've transformed into a butterfly much, much sooner if he had boneless wings and chicken tikka masala available at the touch of his, er, legs.

3. What If Aslan Was A Viral Superstar?

Aslan is far too regal for selfie sticks, but we think has the potential to be the next Grumpy Cat.

4. What If Holden Caulfield Had An Outlet For His Angst?

Seriously, sign this kid up for Twitter, so he can keep his rants about the "phoneys" under 140 characters.

5. What If Frodo Had Google Maps?

These Hobbits from the Shire probably would have had an easier time of their journey with the assistance of GPS.

6. What If Oliver Twist Had Yelp?

Well, this may not have made Oliver's journey any easier, but it certainly would have given him an outlet for his deserved anger.

7. What If The White Rabbit Had Uber?

He certainly wouldn't have been late quite so often. See also: a working watch.

Images: Courtesy of Jazmin Batisti/FlipSnack (8)