Meghan Trainor's "No" Video Is Just So GIF-Able

Meghan Trainor has heard the cry of every girl who has ever been creeped on by a guy in the club, and, in her justice and mercy, hooked us up with her new single "No." Not only was it a song to dance to, but it was a song to dance to with a great message about saying no, no, and no again without being at all apologetic about it. Of course, Trainor raised the bar even further by dropping a "No" music video, so we now also have a choreographed dance that will let those predatory weirdos know that "no" doesn't mean, "Wow, that's interesting, so you're saying you can re-arrange that alphabet to put U and I together? Fascinating!" This music video is glorious, and thus has some of the best moments a music video has ever rocked. And, naturally, I had to GIF those moments for you, because this is the Internet. How can we enjoy something if we don't have a moving picture from it?

The "No" music video harkens back to ye olde '90s, when our pop starlets wore shiny leather and danced in weird factories. Trench coats and jumpsuits ran wild and free. It was a wonderful time. Trainor's video goes a step further, rocking mostly muted green tones but also a huge "pop" with some bright red accents. I'm obsessed with everything about it, and, after you see these GIFs, then you will be, too.

1. The Opening Shot

As soon as I saw the silhouette of those boots and that trench coat, I knew this was going to be a good time.

2. Badass Girls Doing Athletic Stuff

Dare I say, "OK ladies now let's get in formation?"

3. Backup Dancers: Assemble

Yes. Yes. YES.

4. The James Bond Homage

The silhouette of that badass woman is a cool homage to Bond. Then, when it cuts into the dancers doing the same thing as the silhouette, I got so hyped.

5. Girls Marching Onto A Stage


6. The Over The Shoulder Hair Flip

The ghost of '90s Brittney Spears just did a back flip of joy.

7. The Sexy Heap Of Fishnet

I need to go buy some fishnet stat. And also maybe dye my hair red. And get blue contacts.

8. The Dance Circle

There is something in a dance circle that is primordial and calls to women of days passed, and I am digging that vibe hard.

9. The Red Flares

If ladies had flares on the dance floor, no creepers would dare. BRB, putting that on my shopping list.

I can't wait to convince all my gal pals to memorize the choreography with me so we can perform it next time we're at the club. Be sure to watch the video for yourself so you too can feel those '90s girl power vibes.

Images: Meghan Trainor/Vevo (10)