This Beyoncé Rumor Is More Exciting Than An Album

Members of the Beyhive, rejoice. Despite performing at the Super Bowl, releasing her latest music video and song, "Formation," and announcing her world tour, Queen Bey is not done conquering yet. In fact, according to an official Beyoncé fan Twitter account, THE BEYHIVE (@TheBeyHiveTeam), April is going to be the ultimate month for Beyoncé fans. Rumor has it that Beyoncé will release a new album and mini film sometime in April, and never have I hoped a rumor was true more than I have at this very moment. But, before we get too excited, there is now one little question looming in my mind... What is Beyoncé's mini film going to be about?

We all knew that Beyoncé had to have an album coming, or else why would she be going on a world tour? But the release of a mini film — not a music video — is something of particular interest, because I don't think any of us saw that coming. And, considering Beyoncé's acting history, I'm really starting to wonder exactly what this could mean. Will music still be involved making the mini film so it's more like an extended music video? Will it be more of an actual film with Beyoncé acting in it? Or, perhaps, the mini film could even be in more of a documentary style? Basically, this random piece of information can go in any direction at this point. And, while I don't doubt that it'll be amazing, the wheels on what exactly it could be are definitely turning.

For my first theory, I'm going to have to base what the mini film could be off of what we have already seen released from Beyoncé in the past couple of months. If the film will be keeping in line with what we saw at the Super Bowl and in the "Formation" music video, we could be looking at the statement-making piece of the year. I'm talking about a full-on political statement piece that goes on to reflect black culture throughout history and in modern times. And, even though it has been announced that Beyoncé will be releasing an alternate video edit of the "Formation" music video, that doesn't mean that she isn't going to want to put her acting chops in the spotlight and tell one direct story that's separate but still related. If this is all done in a way that makes it more like a film and less of a music video, then, well, she could be giving the Oscars short film category a run for its money.

However, there's also a possibility that Beyoncé's mini film is going to be more of a personal piece. The film could simply be a love story between her, Jay-Z, and their daughter Blue Ivy. Then again, back in February the same fan Twitter account first mentioned the mini film as a "album movie," so perhaps it will be more of documentary on Beyoncé's process of making her latest album. Either way, I'm almost expecting to see Blue Ivy in this film, whether it's a look into Bey's personal life or a continuation of the "Formation" themes. That girl can seriously work the camera already. (And are we really surprised by that?)

But, being that we don't exactly know what to expect — especially since it hasn't even been confirmed — it's hard to really know what we will be receiving in this mini film come April. If anything, we can only hope that Beyoncé ends up releasing a short promo for the mini film beforehand to give us members of the Beyhive a better idea. All we do know is that Beyoncé is just getting started, and this could be the year that she wows everyone again. I mean, she already has.

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