Caila Should Make A Trip To 'Bachelor In Paradise'

There is no doubt in the collective mind of Bachelor Nation that Caila Quinn would have made a great Bachelorette. When Ben blew her off in Jamaica, I think we all saw her taking the crown from Kaitlyn Bristowe; however, it was revealed during the After The Finale Rose special that JoJo would helm the show instead. While Caila was gracious about the last-minute Bachelorette switch, there was outcry from Bachelor Nation, with many lamenting the fact that we would never see Caila again. But, wait — there's hope, in the form of a certain reality series that takes place on a tropical island. Will Caila be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3? While there is no official confirmation yet, I have to believe that the option is not entirely off of the table.

From the beginning of The Bachelor, Caila was destined to be in the final three. The 24-year-old software sales representative had positive energy, effervescent charm, and amazing hair that made her journey to find love with Ben Higgins easy to support. Ben was also captivated by her sweet nature, and he made it a point to invite her to not one, but two one-on-one dates where she could have the freedom to get to know him. And, as a result, fans got to know and love her, too. But, even though she didn't snag Ben's heart, there's another place where Caila can search for love amongst a pool of suitors. Bachelor in Paradise, y'all.

While ABC has confirmed that Lace Morris will be on BiP there is no official word yet on who else will be joining the cast. According to The Inqusitr, there may be a chance that Becca Tilley and Caila will join Bachelor in Paradise, marking Becca's fourth stint on The Bachelor franchises and Caila's second. The Inquisitr reported that Chris Harrison recently said during a press conference call that his "dream cast" of women from Ben's season include twins Haley and Emily Ferguson, Amanda Stanton, Olivia Caridi, and Jubilee Sharpe. While his list is surprisingly devoid of other fan favorites, including Lauren Himle, Leah Block, and Caila, there is still a chance for all of Harrison's dream team to join up with these other fan favorites — Bachelor in Paradise won't start filming until after this season of The Bachelorette has wrapped.

This is not to say that Caila is hurting after the back-to-back snubs, first from Ben and then from ABC for The Bachelorette gig. Us Weekly recently reported that Caila has relocated to New York City from Boston for a new job. Though Caila often cited her love for good ol' Beantown, the bright lights of New York City will certainly grant her plenty of opportunity for a fresh start — and an even fresher dating pool. Maybe ABC will create a pseudo-Sex and the City spinoff for dear Caila? I can dare to dream. Even if she doesn't appear on Bachelor in Paradise, it's nice to know that Caila has all of the capability to pick herself back up after heartbreak.

Image: ABC