Did Meechum & Frank Ever Hook Up Again On 'House Of Cards'? Nathan Darrow Reveals What Life Was Like After That Threesome

It's been well over two seasons since fans were treated to that groundbreaking threesome scene between Frank, Claire, and Meechum on House of Cards , and yet it's still one of the most talked about moments in the series' history thus far. But even amid all of the attention it received, this sexual encounter appeared to be a one-time only type of thing... or was it? During a recent interview with Nathan Darrow, who plays the loyal Underwood bodyguard, Bustle questioned the actor about his character's relationship with the Underwoods and whether or not he thinks Meechum and Frank hooked up on House of Cards outside of that one intimate rendezvous.

"Well, I think that what the writers gave us in this is a kind of a gift," Darrow explains about Frank and Meechum's unclear connection with each other. "I think that we get these rooms that are not fully exposed by the storyteller and I think that's where it gets really fun because that's when the person that is watching and is relating to the story in their own personal way gets to really wonder about that and I think that person then can come to an absolutely certainty that either a.) it happened once or b.) it continued to happen or even a number of possibilities." But as far as making his own assumptions about the relationship, the actor is determined to keep his opinions to himself, stating, "I would never want to get in the way of somebody's experience of that."

And as much as I would like a concrete answer to the whole "did they or didn't they hook up" question, I deny that Darrow's reasoning is sound. Each person can interpret their special dynamic differently and therefore gives everyone a unique takeaway from the show. When Frank asked Meechum to keep him company in the residence bedroom in Season 4, what did that invitation really mean? And when Meechum offered to stay with him the entire night, was there an underlying suggestion that they would be doing more than just sleeping? It's impossible to know for sure, but when you're dealing with House of Cards, anything is possible.

"I think the door is never totally closed on any one possibility," says Darrow. "I think that was deliberate and makes it really interesting. It's interesting even if it's just that one time and they all just move on, which that's kind of what we get. But it's also interesting to imagine that no, this physical relationship continues in some way." And while you never know what exactly goes on behind closed doors, considering how much both characters clearly meant to each other, I'd say it wouldn't be a huge reach to assume that their feelings extended much further beyond that of a professional relationship.

Images: David Giesbrecht/Netflix; takemewithyer/Tumblr