The 11 Biggest Cameos In 'Batman v Superman'

by Rachel Simon

No offense to the two guys that make up its title, but one of the best things about Batman v Superman is not actually about either of them — rather, it's all the appearances by other superheroes in the movie. In the new film, out Mar. 25, there are plenty of well, super cameos that happen from powerful individuals, and while some were known ahead of time, like Wonder Woman, the movie contains a few surprises in the form of heroes audiences might not expect. Yet whether they were predicted or not, all of the Batman v Superman cameos from superheroes and other people make for one highly entertaining moviegoing experience.

Yet of course, some of these appearances are more exciting than others. Wonder Woman, for instance, is a major deal because it's the first time she's ever been seen in a major movie, while a cameo by some other male hero is certainly fun, but not exactly game-changing. But regardless of that, there's no denying how cool it is to see so many legendary heroes on-screen together, if only for a few short hours. Below are the 11 biggest cameos in Batman v Superman ; when you head to the theater, see if you can catch them all for yourself. Obviously, spoilers ahead!

1. Wonder Woman

Happily, the biggest cameo in BvS is by Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), who has a substantial role in the film. She steals every scene she's in, whether she's attending a party thrown by Lex Luthor or saving Batman's butt in a battle with Doomsday.

2. The Flash

Played by Ezra Miller, The Flash makes a few brief appearances in the movie, the most significant one being when he stops a store robbery using his super-speed and is caught on tape — causing both Batman and Wonder Woman to realize that there are others like them out there.

3. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Real-life superhero Neil DeGrasse Tyson makes a cameo in the film as himself, explaining to the world on television why people are so afraid of Superman; his otherness, Tyson says, is unlike anything regular humans have ever experienced.

4. Aquaman

Like with The Flash, Aquaman (Jason Momoa) shows up briefly in captured video that Batman and Wonder Woman both watch. He looks badass.

5. Soledad O'Brien

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The famed journalist appears as herself, reporting on the crazy events happening in Metropolis and Gotham.

6. Cyborg

The last of the heroes to be seen on film by Batman and Wonder Woman, Cyborg (Ray Fisher) makes an all-too-brief appearance in BvS.

7. General Zod

Despite getting killed in Man of Steel, Zod returns in BvS, due to Lex Luthor experimenting on his dead body and reanimating it to become Doomsday.

8. Charlie Rose

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Like O'Brien, Rose has a quick cameo reporting on the events of the film.

9. Anderson Cooper

And then there's Cooper, who also plays himself in an amusing appearance.

10. Patrick Wilson

Although he's only heard on the phone, Wilson lends his voice to the role of the President, who orders nukes to be deployed in order to take down Doomsday.

11. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

And finally, there's Good Wife actor Morgan, who appears in a blink-and-you-miss-it role as Thomas Wayne, Bruce's late father.

Leave it to a superhero movie to pack in plenty of the coolest, strangest cameos it can.

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