9 Unromantic Places That '90s Rom-Coms Made Romantic

If one decade knew how to do romantic comedies, it was the '90s. From multiple movies starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, to Drew Barrymore classics, the '90s produced many films I watch again and again. There are lots of reasons that rom-coms from this decade are so enduring. For one, it was a simpler time, before much of the technology we have today was in widespread usage, and dating relied on way more face-to-face meetings than it does in 2016. Before Tinder, there was no such thing as a simple swipe to decide your romantic life. Instead, fate had to intervene, along with a complicated plot, two desperately attractive actors, and the all-important location in which the romance takes place. So where were some of the non-romantic places from '90s rom-coms that somehow seemed romantic?

While movies like You've Got Mail beckoned in the new era, other rom-coms relied on old school meet-cutes for their romance. In everyday life, many of these places wouldn't seem romantic, and certainly wouldn't be where you'd expect love to strike. But that's one of the reasons the rom-coms in this list are so great. Love happens in unexpected places, and perhaps we should be keeping our eyes peeled next time we're in hospital? Just a thought.

1. The Travel Book Shop In Notting Hill

While many a book lover might have found their soul mate in a book store, the tiny London book shop in Notting Hill is a little bit specialized. It only sells travel books for one thing, and isn't frequented that often by... anyone. But Julia Roberts sure made it look romantic.

2. The Chat Room For Over 30s In You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail heralded in the new dating era, exploring online dating before it was the way of life that it is today. So, at the time, the chat room for the over 30s didn't sound like much of a dating hotspot, and it still doesn't. But it worked for Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

3. The Funeral In Four Weddings & A Funeral

Any social gathering is fair game, I guess?

4. The Hospital Room In While You Were Sleeping

I've never found a hospital room to be particularly conducive to romance, but Sandra Bullock is looking for love in all the right, and wrong, places in While You Were Sleeping.

5. The Cab In One Fine Day

Cabs smell the worst on rainy days, right? Unless you're stuck in one with George Clooney, I guess.

6. Cher's House In Clueless

Home may be where the fridge is, but most of us have to leave the house to look for love. Lucky for Cher, she has a smokin' hot stepbrother in her own house (don't worry, they're not technically related), meaning that romance really can strike anywhere.

7. The High School In Never Been Kissed

High school wasn't much of a sexy place for me, and Drew Barrymore had a similar experience in Never Been Kissed. But when she returned to school undercover as a reporter years later though, one of the teachers developed a crush on her. In the original Ezra Fitz storyline, Michael Vartan was irresistible. I don't remember any of my teachers being so hot.

8. The Volcano In Joe Versus The Volcano

Love can really strike anywhere. When Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are involved, anyway.

9. The Murder Scene(s) In Scream

More horror-com than rom-com, Scream had its fair share of love stories. Pretty impressive considering Mr. Ghostface was so terrifying. Notably, Courteney Cox and David Arquette's characters fell in love over the course of the four movies.

Love really can happen in the most unexpected places, so keep your eyes peeled.

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