Tris' Fate In 'Ascendant' Isn't Set In Stone

Now that Allegiant is in theaters, it's time to look forward to the next movie, Ascendant. The fourth and final film in the Divergent series won't be released until 2017, so that leaves plenty of time to wonder about the specifics. There are lot of things that could potentially be different in the movie as compared to the book, but the one thing that everyone wants to know is whether or not Tris will die in Ascendant . If you've been following the series, you may already know that there are some pretty strong opinions on this topic. Many fans have called for a different ending to Ascendant, but it seems unlikely to have an effect as, after all, Veronica Roth herself defended having Tris die at the end of the series.

But with the release of Allegiant, it appears there may hope for our heroin to have a different fate. You see, the movie Allegiant veered drastically from the book in its second half. Key events were cut out, others were written in, and the ending was totally different from the novel. This being the case, Ascendant may travel down the path of a different narrative— one that could potentially be life-saving for Tris. Based on how Allegiant ended, here are a few theories for the ending of Ascendant.

Chicago Breaks Out Of Its Walls

At the end of Allegiant, Tris returns to Chicago and tells everyone the truth about their society. After such an announcement, I have a hard time believing that everybody would then be content to sit and chill inside Chicago's walls for the entirety of Ascendant. Will the citizens of Chicago band together and bust out of their walls to fight the oppressive Bureau?

A Different Major Character Dies

Every epic adventure has a sacrifice, and if it's not going to be Tris, somebody else has to go. Assuming that filmmakers know better than to break a million hearts by killing off Four, I'd bet money that another member of the main crew will bite the dust. Personally, my hunch would be Caleb, although Peter or Christina would be plausible guesses as well.

Four And Tris Live Happily Ever After

Filmmakers could give the fans what they want by writing a happy ending for the story's two protagonists, complete with marriage and children and all that happy stuff. Hey, it worked well enough for Peeta and Katniss.

Everyone's Memory Is Erased

Maybe Tris successfully stops the memory-erasing serum from spreading in Allegiant, but David is still at large. He will inevitably return with some nasty intentions in Ascendant, and what if he's successful this time? I'm just saying, it wouldn't be the first time in cinematic history that the bad guys ultimately win.

So, although there haven't been many details released about Ascendant just yet, the events of Allegiant seem to imply that the finale will follow a different course than the book. But will Tris still meet the same fate as she does in the novel, or will she live to see another day after the credits roll? Only one more year until you can find out.

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