Watch These 7 Shows Before 'Black Sails' Returns

Starz's pirate drama series Black Sails has found success thanks to its high seas action, gritty politics, and, let's be honest here, a plentiful amount of attractive pirates (both men and women alike). The third season has given us viewers some wholly unexpected moments — like the death of a main character that I'm still not over — and a war between the English governor and Captain Flint. So, will Black Sails return for Season 4, and if so, when?

As has been the case with previous seasons of the pirate series, our lord and savior of paid cable TV, Starz renewed Black Sails for Season 4 before Season 3 even premiered! According to Deadline, Black Sails will return for a 10-episode fourth season and although there's no official premiere date yet, the first three seasons have all premiered at the end of January. So, it stands to reason Season 4 will premiere early next year — most likely January 21, 2017 or January 28, 2017. But if you're wondering what to do for the next 10 months, I've got your back with some other addictive genre TV that has just as much high stakes drama and action as Black Sails.


As the title of the show suggests, Vikings follows a crew of Norsemen in the 13th century. If you think about it, vikings are just an early version of pirates — who happen to live in a much colder climate — so it's a perfect watch if you enjoy Black Sails. All of Vikings is available on the History website and Amazon.

Marco Polo

Inspired by the titular famous figure, this Netflix original series follows Marco Polo's time in the court of Mongol Empire's Khagan, Kublai Khan. This historical drama features plenty of action and drama, so if that piques your interest, Season 1 of Marco Polo is available on Netflix.


This fellow Starz series doesn't have pirates or vikings, but it does have Scottish clansmen, which are not the same thing, but do represent an interesting historical time period. Also, do I need to say more than this: Kilts. The whole first season is available on the Starz website.

The 100

While many other series on this list transport viewers to the past, The 100 is a trip into a somewhat bleak future — but one with intense politics and a cast full of awesome ladies. If you're looking for a new genre TV obsession, The 100 is a good bet. Want to check it out? The first two seasons are on Netflix.

Game of Thrones

Of course, the pinnacle of genre television right now against which all other genre shows are measured is HBO's Game of Thrones. If you're one of the few not already watching this series, it's time to take the plunge. Keep tissues close by and catch up on the first five seasons on HBO Go.


If you really want to watch another pirate drama while Black Sails is on break, then you could try the other pirate series that premiered in 2014. The show only lasted for one season so it's a quick watch. If you're interested, Crossbones is available on Amazon.


Following a teenaged version of Mary, Queen of Scots, The CW's Reign doesn't follow the history books in the strictest sense. Instead, Reign takes some liberties and creates one wholly entertaining semi-historical show. If that piques your interest, the first two seasons are on Netflix.

So, fellow Black Sails fans, we may have a long stretch of time between now and next season, but it's nothing we haven't weathered before. Use this time to find a new TV obsession or speculate about what Captain Flint and his crew will get up to in Season 4. The Walrus will sail again!

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