Kate Middleton's Having A Party & He's Invited

In this cruel world that we live in, sometimes there are parties that we won't always get invited to. But when the party involves Benedict Cumberbatch and Kate Middleton and not us, it's extra cruel. Extra, extra, extra cruel with a soda on the side. According to a report from Hello, Queen Elizabeth & Kate Middleton will be hosting a reception to honor the dramatic arts on Feb. 17 at Buckingham Palace — and Benedict Cumberbatch will be in attendance. Whoaaaaa, y'all.

This will be like worlds colliding. Even though they're both British and we love and adore them both dearly, it's like the coolest girl from one school and the coolest boy from another meeting up and chatting about how generally awesome, good-looking, and witty they both are. Will they chat about how perfect their hair is? How luminous their smiles are? About how everyone secretly wants to be a detective and a princess?

Dame Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, David Tennant, Sir David Attenborough and Downton Abbey mastermind Julian Fellowes are also reportedly on the guest list for the party, er, reception, that's being held for The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. The Queen is patron of the organization.

The Queen and Kate will also reportedly welcome 250 guests into the Palace and enjoy multiple performances in the ballroom. Just another day for Kate and a lifetime of jealousy for me and you.

Mirren says in Hello!, “This is the greatest professional honour I can imagine. Certainly one I never dreamt of as a schoolgirl in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. To join that list of legendary names is overwhelming.”

We can only imagine that Cumberbatch's quote might be something like, "This is the greatest professional honour, not to just be swoon-worthy and charming and play Sherlock, but to get chummy with Kate Middleton and be generally cooler than you." Amirite?

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