This 'The Voice' Pairing Was All Wrong

And that's a wrap on the Battle Rounds! One of the most exciting stages of The Voice has come to an end, but not until all of the coaches' teams were full. That didn't happen until Team Blake's Brittany Kennell and Trey O'Dell went head to head for the final spot on Shelton's team. But there was one issue in their pairing — the artists were so different, which made it difficult to tell which did better. Even though they both did an amazing job, one had to lose — and that was O'Dell. But thankfully, Christina Aguilera had been waiting for the right contestant to steal — and O'Dell fit that description. So, despite his loss, O'Dell remains in the game and both of the artists are safe.

Kennell and O'Dell have two completely different styles, which is what made their pairing so tricky. On one hand, Canadian-born Kennell has a subdued, gritty, powerful sound. In Aguilera's words, "If Gwen Stefani and Christina had a baby, it would be [Kennell]." If that doesn't give you an accurate depiction of what Kennell's voice sounds like, then I don't know what will. On the other hand, O'Dell has a more traditional pop/rock sound. Kennell hopes to be a folk singer, while O'Dell is more fit for the Top 40 charts.

The two did not fit together in their pairing, but did their best to make Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." Kennell gave it an emotional vibe, while O'Dell stuck to the original sound of the song. Neither contestant made the wrong choice, they just made their own choice. Instead of sounding like a duet, the performance sounded like two separate solo performances strung together. This isn't bad, but it does make it hard to tell who did a better job — since they did a different job.

Shelton did have to make a choice though, and that was Kennell. Personally, she was my pick so I'm glad he chose her. But O'Dell didn't deserve to go home just yet — and he doesn't have to. Aguilera swooped in for the steal and the two will be a great team. Thankfully, regardless of a poor pairing, it was a win-win situation for these two The Voice hopefuls.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC