THIS Was The 'Battle Round' Of The Season

Talk about girl power! Pharrell paired his two female powerhouses in the Battle Rounds and it was one of the best duets yet. Team Pharrell's Hannah Huston and Maya Smith battled it out to Sia's "Elastic Heart" and completely blew the coaches away — so much so that it was almost impossible to choose a winner. Someone had to win though, and that was Huston. Her showing was just that much stronger than Smith's to edge her out and take the victory. Smith got lucky, though, and earned a steal from Christina Aguilera.

Of any of the Battle Rounds this season, Huston and Smith's was by far the greatest. They are both extremely talent and they blended together extremely well throughout the song. "Elastic Heart" is not an easy song to sing, especially when everything is on the line, but the girls tackled it with ease — proving that they both deserved to remain in the game.

Thankfully, their wish was granted. There was no way the coaches could've let either of these talented women go — and they didn't have to. Pharrell chose to keep Huston — and he was right to. She is the perfect addition to his team and her sound is right in his wheelhouse. Though he had to let Smith go, she didn't have to wait long to get stolen. Christina Aguilera noticed the potential in Pharrell's castoff and scooped her up as soon as possible. Smith joins Aguilera's roster of incredible female powerhouses, so it will be interesting to see where she goes from here — but at least we get to see her journey continue.

Though their talent is bright, Huston and Smith's personalities are even brighter. Despite battling each other for the win, the girls were sincerely rooting the other on. Seriously, after their performance, Huston and Smith couldn't stop raving about how well their competitor did. For any other pair, this behavior would've been strange, but these contestants were roommates and their bond went way deeper than the norm. In the end, this bond helped them rather than hurt them. They were able to use their friendship to be more comfortable and confident in their performance and really blow it out of the water. As long as both of them stay in the game and continue to support each other, something tells me they'll both be around for a long time.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC