Caleb May Have A Devastating Secret On 'PLL'

by Caitlin Flynn

Is your head still spinning from that insane twin reveal on Pretty Little Liars? Yeah, mine too — even though many of us suspected that Jessica DiLaurentis has a twin, the unmasking couldn't have possibly been any creepier. Mary Drake has a sinister plan to avenge her daughter's death and "take back what's rightfully hers," so that's bad news for Ali. Although his exact motive remains mysterious, Mary has found an ally in Dr. Rollins and they joined forces to gaslight Ali in the creepiest way possible, complete with masks that looked better-suited to The Walking Dead. (Side note — next season, I would like an answer as to why Ali fled to the church where multiple Rosewood residents have been attacked and killed.) A.D.'s identity is still a mystery, but someone we know and love may also be involved in the A game. It pains me to ask this question, but could Caleb be working with A on Pretty Little Liars?

Reddit user lyoushe points out that there may have been a major clue in the Season 6 finale. As the Liars & Co. carry out their plan to outsmart and catch A (because that's worked out so well in the past), Emily asks Caleb, "how do you know how to build an electric fence?" It was a significant plot point that Charlotte's Dollhouse was surrounded by an electric fence — who could forget the moment when the Liars thought they had escaped, only to realize they'd be electrocuted if they attempted to scale the fence? I really hope that our beloved Caleb didn't help build that fence, but it seems like a definite possibility.

And, if Charlotte and Mary were indeed working together all along as I suspect, it's not a huge jump to assume that Caleb is also on the new A team. He's got insane tech skills and perhaps it's not a coincidence that he's had romantic relationships with both Hanna and Spencer — I mean, the perfect way to conspire against the Liars would be to gain their trust and Caleb has certainly done that throughout the series. All four girls have confided in him and gone to him for advice at various times and, as much as I hate to think that he would have used this against them, we really can't rule him out right now.

Plus, A.D. kidnapped Hanna on Caleb's watch. Could he have been in on it? It seems out of character for Caleb to not thoroughly check the entire room, floors included, before allowing Hanna to offer herself up as bait. When Ezra asks who would have thought to check the floors, Caleb's immediate response is "A!" This could indicate that Hanna being taken was all part of a plan that Caleb helped orchestrate.

The possibility of Caleb's involvement is definitely thought-provoking and it would be a major shake-up for Rosewood's nicest guy to be part of the A game. Still, this is one theory I really hope doesn't come to fruition — I just sat through a half-season of Spaleb and a girl can really only take so much heartbreak from one show.

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