Pat McGrath's Skin Fetish 003 Kit Is Coming

In-demand makeup artist Pat McGrath works for a variety of brands, from COVERGIRL to Gucci. But it's her eponymous products, the debut of which broke the Internet last year, that have makeupistas seriously hyperventilating. McGrath has posted images of her upcoming Skin Fetish 003 Kits and they look like perfection in packaged product form. McGrath confirmed her intention to do a full makeup line last year, noting she had the ability to bring new innovations to the public for purchase with minimal wait time. The artist, who is a central figure creating stunning looks for key fashion events, revealed the news about her full line amidst the premiere of her Gold 001 pigment, which was her first product, was limited edition, and just gorgeous. The SF003 kits will be available on April 26 via McGrath's site and at Sephora stores and on its site in May. What's in the Skin Fetish 003 kits?

According to the official McGrath Instagram, the kits come in two colors and boast three pieces, including one that does two things. Upon first view, the packaging reminds me of MAC.

The "NUDE" version includes the following items: Iridescent Pink 003 pigment; Nude Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo; and Buffer 003 brush. That's three pieces that will work in concert to give you flawless, glowing, and luminous skin.

The "Shiny Stick" is dual-ended, with the balm on one end and the highlighter on the other. Therefore, it's like you are really getting four pieces in the kit. Oooh!

The "GOLDEN" version has the same pieces, just with a different hue. This kit boasts the Fine Gold 003 pigment; the Golden Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo; and the Buffer 003 brush.

Check out this teaser video, which hints at how to use the products.

According to McGrath's site, users are meant to experiment with Skin Fetish 003 Kits, which offer a range of effects from bare and dewy to luminous. You swipe the balm onto high points of skin and use the highlighter end of the dual-ended stick to accentuate bone structure. Or you can apply highlighter first and then the balm. Or you can buff the pigment over the balm and highlighter for your best glow.

You can use the Skin Fetish 003 Kit on the face, body, eyelids, lips, shoulders, brown bones, inner eye corners, or the décolletage. It's so multipurpose.

Mark your calendars for April 26, since that is when you can shop the products via McGrath's site. You should pop by the site now and sign up for the waiting list. Plus, you will be informed about the latest and greatest from the mind and hands of Pat McGrath.

Or wait until the Skin Fetish 003 Kits arrive at Sephora on May 10.

UPDATE: Bustle received word from the brand's reps that Skin Fetish 003 products will retail for $72 and are limited edition.

Images: Pat McGrath/Instagram (3); Courtesy Pat McGrath (2)