'Love Actually' Fans Need To Watch 'Bridget Jones'

I was pretty sure there wasn't anything in the world that could make me more excited for this movie than I already was, but that was before I saw Emma Thompson stealing the scene in the Bridget Jones's Baby trailer. I love the character of Bridget Jones, I love this franchise, I love that it's coming back after over a decade, I love Renee Zellweger, I'm real happy for all of that, and I'm gonna let it finish. But what I'm wondering now is if Emma Thompson is the secret star of this whole thing? She certainly steals the trailer pretty handily, which is impressive when you consider what she's up against. Then again, considering her scene-stealing arc in Love Actually, maybe that's not a surprise.

Thompson plays Bridget's OBGYN, it looks like, or at least the medical professional who administers Bridget's ultrasound. Oh sorry, did I say ultrasound? I should've said ultrasounds, because Bridget has two, just in the trailer. And that's on account of the fact that there are two potential dads in the picture — Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey — and Bridget doesn't want to alert either of them to the fact that the baby's parentage isn't exactly a foregone conclusion. It's a problem that, with those two guys, I would happily take on myself any day of the week.

After Emma Thompson goes through the whole procedure with Mark Darcy, Bridget asks her to repeat it again line for line with the second potential father, Jack Qwant, played by Dempsey. And here's where Emma gets to show her comedic chops a little bit, because the lack of enthusiasm and barely-concealed judgement that she runs through round two with is so delightful that I can't wait to see what she does with the whole movie. Just look at this little nugget, and try to tell me you won't be perched on the edge of your seat waiting to watch Emma Thompson steal everyone's thunder when Bridget Jones's Baby comes out on Sep. 15.

Cannot. Wait. I see you, Emma Thompson, working your scene-stealing magic If you pay attention to anything in the trailer besides, you know, all of it, Thompson's hopefully-not-so-minor character should be it.

Image: Universal Studios