Negan May Kill Abraham On 'The Walking Dead,' Thanks To A Major Death Switch-Up

There are only two episodes left of The Walking Dead Season 6 and everyone is speculating over one major scene, wondering, who will Negan kill? After last week’s sudden death, it's very possible that Abraham will die on The Walking Dead, becoming Negan’s unlucky victim. Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics ahead. In the comics, Rick and the group are ambushed by Negan and the Saviors. Upset over Rick’s group killing a bunch of his men, Negan decides to make an example out of Glenn and bash his head in with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. It's probably the most traumatic moment in the whole series, but ever since Glenn’s recent near-death experience on the TV show, fans have wondered if Negan will choose someone else on The Walking Dead. Thanks to last week's episode, Abraham now stands out as a top contender.

Some fans believe Daryl will be killed, but his death would be The Walking Dead’s version of jumping the shark. It would actually risk losing a lot of viewers. A more plausible theory is that Carol might be Negan's first victim. Besides her erratic behavior in the last few episodes, she did just up and leave everyone, making it easier to be caught and killed by the Saviors. I believe that one over Daryl. There is also still a chance that Glenn will be the one to go, but to put us through a Glenn tragedy twice in one season is a bit much. Of course, that still leaves quite a few characters, but the March 20 episode gave a pretty big hint towards Abraham.

Last week, Denise took an arrow to the eye from Dwight with Daryl’s crossbow. It was a pretty gruesome death, but Denise didn’t make it through the comics either, so it’s not that surprising that the show would kill her off. However, the way she died was the exact way Abraham dies in the comics, which means The Walking Dead now has an opening to kill him in a different way. What’s more gruesome than an arrow to the eye? Perhaps a baseball bat to the head.

In the comics, Abraham and Eugene are outside Alexandria talking about Rosita when he’s hit with an arrow in the back of the head. Like Denise on the show, he was right in the middle of a thought and manages to finish said thought before he dies. The shot was even fired by Dwight with a crossbow. There’s a chance that The Walking Dead switched up the deaths with the intent to keep Abraham alive, but it seems like the perfect opportunity for the series to pull a major twist on viewers.

As for Denise's demise in the comics, one of the Alexandria Safe-Zone members, Holly (who is not on the show), is bit and Denise tries to lead her back to the community. However, Holly reanimates and bites her in the arm. Instead of amputating her arm to save herself, Denise helps to save Heath’s life, causing her to die from a fever. Since Abraham doesn't have any medical skills, I don't think he'll die that way, leaving his potential cause of death wide open.

There's no way to know for sure who Negan will select on The Walking Dead, but fans of Abraham may want to start preapring for the worst.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Giphy; ghcstnoah/Tumblr