15 April Fools' Day Memes To Make You Laugh

by Meghan Bassett

You either love or hate April Fools' Day. If you love it, you’re probably the master prankster who always wins the day. If you hate it, you have a master prankster in your life that you actively try to avoid once a year. Regardless of your stance, I’ve rounded up some April Fools' Day memes to get you ready for all the amazing and horrible pranks coming your way.

I grew up in a house with a master prankster for a father, so April Fools' Day was the one day I always had my guard up. From the moment I woke up, before I even moved, I would check to make sure there was no shaving cream in my hand and that my entire room wasn’t covered in sticky notes. I saw everything from salt in the sugar bowl to silly string fights throughout my childhood.

April Fools' Day brings up both love and hate for me, but I have to applaud the pranksters out there who really go the extra mile on this day. It’s like Hunger Games for adults where the winners are the ones who survive without being pranked. I hate being the victim (as we all do), but I can’t help but burst out laughing when I see a good prank being nailed in the depths of the Internet universe. So for all the mixed emotions it brings up for everyone, get started with these April Fools' Day memes, and may the odds be ever in your favor…

April Fools' is coming

Brace yourself, the pranks are coming and you don’t know from where.

Just kidding

That one person who says they never play jokes on April Fools' Day? Yeah, they’re the ones who are going to get you.

Reddit April Fools'

April Fools' Day on Reddit. What a nightmare… *shudders*

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat gets it, with an extra dose of cynicism.

Car pranks

You’ll be going to bed praying that none of your friends saw this meme on March 31st.

Marketing genius

Companies take note, because this is the genius that you need for your new product launches.

The sad truth

Too far, Will Ferrell. Too far.

When your S.O. takes it too far

But really, are we breaking up? For real?

Your boss doesn’t get the joke

Mental note: never prank the boss if you want to have your job on April 2.

So cruel

Can you even imagine the mass hysteria that would ensue?

Paranoia sets in

No one can be trusted. No one.

Mind Blown

Take a minute to let this one sink in. I’ll be crying in a corner questioning everything I know to be true.

Plotting revenge

It might not be the best idea to prank the guy dealing with anger management…

The best way to annoy your entire office

You might not make it to five o’clock.

That one person who pretends it’s their birthday every year

Seriously, they ruin it for anyone with a birthday on April 1.

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