This New Use For Hair Donuts Will Blow Your Mind

Hair donuts are kind of amazing beauty tools. They help make quick topknots with little to no effort at all. And topknots are where it's at. But there's something else you might not know your hair donut is capable of doing— another hack that will make you love it even more than you already do. (Surprisingly, that is possible.) And it's this: Hair donuts are also pretty great at cleaning makeup brushes. Yeah, you heard me. Those donut-shaped sponges can actually help you get more use out of your makeup brushes before it's time for their bath.

Now of course hair donuts won't clean clean your brushes like good ol' soap and water will. But if you just need to, say, switch colors while applying eyeshadow and want to use the same brush, a hair donut will help you do it. All you have to do is swirl your used makeup brush around on the donut. The wire-y sponge material will pick up the excess pigment, allowing you to dip the same brush into a different shade without mixing in the color that was previously on it. Pretty easy right? Not to mention awesome. Check it out in action below to see why hair donuts will still be your best friend, but for a totally new reason.

And don't worry: the bristles of the donut won't damage your makeup brushes. If you don't yet have one of these multi-purpose miracle-workers in your beauty cabinet, here are a couple places to pick one up.

1. Amazon

Wleec Beauty 3 Pieces Hair Donut Bun Maker, $10, Amazon

Having three various sizes are good for not only making different-sized buns, but those smaller donuts are perfect for travel.

2. Forever 21

Medium Bun Donut, $2, Forever 21

A hair donut for blonde hair will help you see more easily when it has become dirty and needs to be washed.

3. Walmart

Donut Bun Ring Former, $6, Walmart

If you keep your makeup brushes in a cup, a wider center makes it easier to store your hair donut around it.

Because there actually are painless ways to clean makeup brushes.

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Images: Miki Hayes; Courtesy of Brands