Signs 'Bachelor' Ben & Lauren Are Planning Their Wedding Will Reassure The Couple's Fans

On the Season 20 finale episode of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins said goodbye to Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher and, “Will you marry me?” to Lauren Bushnell. With such a quick and pressured decision for long-term commitment, on the heels of a break-up, many fans are wondering if Lauren and Ben are really going to say “I do” to each other? So, I took to social media to find out, are there signs The Bachelor’s Ben and Lauren are planning their wedding?

Since the finale episode, Ben and Lauren have been making the rounds with talk show appearances and finally posting on social media about their public relationship. And, some of these posts have been very honest, like Lauren’s recent tweet that the couple, already engaged, was about to go on their real “first date.” The tweet said, “It will not involve any helicopters, airplanes or hot tubs. Maybe champagne...”

While we can joke about a betrothed couple going on a first date, the fact is that it is a step forward for the couple. And, their social media accounts are full of other steps forward… down the aisle. Here are all of the social media posts that prove Ben and Lauren are headed for matrimony.

They Seem Excited About The Engagement

It may seem small, but the couple seems to still like each other, now that the cameras are mostly gone. That's kind of important!

Lauren Went With Ben Back To Indiana

Staying with someone’s family and getting to know them at home is a big step.

Ben Keeps Talking Kids On Instagram

Seriously, he may have caught baby fever. Here's hoping he and Lauren pop some out soon!

They Are Now Following Each Other On Social Media

So, the order of engagement and following each other online may be a little unorthodox here, but nothing about this courtship has been traditional.

He Recommitted By Proposing Again

Ben admitted to AOL that proposing to someone an hour after breaking up with someone else was pretty lame. So, Ben waited for the dust to settle to fully recommit to the relationship on After The Final Rose.

He Tweeted The Most Married Tweet Of All Time

An exciting new life of staying in together with “tv, food, couch” time? Yep, that’s as married as it gets. Congrats to the happy couple! May your relationship break The Bachelor mold and actually work out.