7 Things Hairstylists Want Brides To Know About Their Wedding Day Hair & Color

It's wedding season! Now that the holiday and Valentine's Day proposals have come and gone, it's officially time for the newly-engaged or the soon-to-be married to start scanning Pinterest for the best ideas out there, their wedding look included. However, there are crucial things hairstylists want brides to know about their wedding day hair and color. Surprisingly, they are an often overlooked part of the planning process or an element that is glossed over until the wedding day is growing ever nearer.

An argument can definitely be made — and in my opinion, is probably correct — that your caterer, venue, DJ, band, and florist are all far more important than your beauty regimen. However, that doesn't negate the fact that beauty for your big day is a portion of the wedding that is solely about you. While a partner's wishes are obviously taken into consideration when choosing vendors, your bridal style is purely your own. Whether you're seeking a side-swept boho look a la Nikki Reed or locks that are reminiscent of a Disney Princess, there's a wedding hairstyle that's uniquely you.

These seven things hairstylists want the bride to know come directly from Kaz Amor of Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills, CA, a renowned Hollywood color expert.

With his words in mind, you'll be sure to get the best style and color for your wedding day.

Your Hairstyle Should Compliment Your Overall Look

Amor explains that your hairstyle is secondary to your overall look. It's a compliment, not the main feature, and contemplating your style should come after you've nailed down your other style details. He explains, "The first thing you want to do is find your dress. Once you figure out your look — the dress, your makeup, the jewelry, hair sort of becomes secondary. You should also ask yourself, "Am I wearing studs? Am I wearing dangly earrings? What's my focus?" Whatever if it is, your hairstyle should complement that, and the color becomes an accessory."

The Details Are In The Color

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Color is a way to truly customize your design, according to Amor. By using color as an accent to your bridal style, your stylist can create something that is uniquely you. Amor says, "The color is important, but you have to really focus on the overall look. The hair is a design. Most people will just put their hair up and don't really think about it, but you can really design something special with color."

Try Out Color Ahead Of Time

While Amor does advocate for color being a great way to create unique details, he also cautions brides about the timing of adding color to their tresses. He explains, "I don't recommend doing a drastic color change for your wedding. That said, if you're a brunette and you want to go brighter, I would do it way before your wedding so you can see how it looks and really think about it."

Do A Practice Run

There are a couple of reasons why you should try out hairstyles before your big day, and Amor runs them down for you. "I always recommend clients do a practice run with how your hair is going to look to make sure that one, you're happy with it ,and two, that your hairstylist can do it well," he says. "That's why trials are important. If a bride is not happy with how her hair looks, the hairstylist was not thorough enough during the consultation."

Try Multiple Styles

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Why limit yourself? If there are multiple styles you'd like to try, communicate this to your stylist. Amor says, "I would do several looks and decide which one works best. Take some photos and then take it home and live with it for a few days to decide." Maybe this decision won't be as hard as choosing your dress, but it still deserves options.

Make Sure Your Bridesmaids Match

Your wedding day is all about you, and your hairstyle should be, too. Amor believes that your bridesmaids directly link to your uniqueness, saying, "I often see that bridesmaids don't match the bride. You pick their dresses, so why not pick their hair? If your hair is down, their hair should be up. It's all about you and you should stand out. They shouldn't have anything similar. If you wear a crown, they shouldn't wear crowns."

Consider Extensions

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You may have already decided that you're not wearing your hair down. That means you won't need extra length to create a design, right? That's not necessarily the case, according to Amor. "Consider extensions or clip-ins," he says. "It's like an extra accessory for your wedding day look, so why not? If your hair is long, it might collapse, so it's a good option to consider. You can even use them to change your look."

Amor's words of wisdom are perfect for any bride looking for her perfect wedding hairstyle. With these seven things hairstyles want brides to know, you'll know how to communicate with your stylist and get the exact look you love.

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