12 Hairsyles Fit For a Disney Princess

Everyone says you should feel like a princess on your wedding day, so you might as well take them literally. Though a Disney-themed ceremony is, in my opinion, a bit much, it turns out these classic cartoon characters can offer up more beauty inspiration than all your Pinterest boards combined. No surprise, really, since everyone already knows Disney princesses have major style chops.

Despite their rags-to-riches stories that generally don't include growing up with a personal hairstylist, the Disney princess crowd has got their hair game on serious lock. From Snow White to Tangled, these animated ladies know how to rock the heck out of an updo, braid, or mass of curls covered in flowers from the nearby enchanted forest. Seriously, they're all about embracing your natural texture, which I'm very pro.

Of course, your hair is not drawn from ink or created on a computer, and chances are you don't have a fairy godmother to bibbity-bobbity-boo your strands into the perfect updo. Even if you can't get your coif as flawlessly sleek as these fictional characters, they're a great place to look for inspiration. Here are 12 of the most famous Disney princess hairstyles, plus how to re-create each and every one at home.

1. Snow White's Bob

Chopping your hair off right before your wedding is probably one of the worst mistakes you could make. Even if you end up loving the cut, a big change in the midst of an already inevitably stressful time could tip you over into Bridezilla territory. Instead, fake a shorter 'do by adding some curls for texture, gathering your strands into a loose braid, then pinning up and under to create a faux bob. Check out Once Wed's step by step for even more tips.

2. Cinderella's Updo

For a completely classic style, you can't go wrong with an updo like Cinderelly's. Tease the crown a bit for volume, then wrap the rest of your curls into a loose, high bun. Headband or other accessory completely optional. The Freckled Fox has a great tutorial for a bouffant bun that's perfect for a wedding — whether you're walking down the aisle or just attending as a guest.

3. Aurora's Flowing Waves

An updo can be nice, but sometimes simpler is better — especially when you're running around worrying about who has the rings or why the caterer hasn't shown up to the venue yet. Set your hair in big hot rollers while you do your makeup and organize all the bridesmaids, then let it down right before the ceremony for big, loose curls that won't lose their shape halfway through your vows. Want a little extra romance? Try adding a pretty waterfall braid in place of Briar Rose's tiara — Once Wed has a great step-by-step for the look.

4. Ariel's Beachy Volume

For someone who spends all her time underwater, Ariel sure has a bouncy head of hair. The key to getting mermaid-worthy body on land is a seriously amazing blow dry, so have someone who's handy with a brush help you out on the big day. has tons of tips for getting envious volume with a blow dryer.

5. Belle's Half-UpDo

Honestly, when it comes to wedding hair, you're probably best off with going the half up–half down route. It gets your strands out of your face for pictures/manic dancing, but still lets a few soft pieces surround you for a romantic effect. Real life princess Emma Watson has rocked a similar style with a modern (literal) twist — Hair And Makeup By Steph has the full tutorial.

6. Jasmine's Awesome Ponytail

My personal favorite Disney princess, Jasmine, knows a ponytail doesn't have to equal boring. Break up the look by adding lacy, wedding-appropriate ribbon every inch, or try a fishtailed pony instead.

7. Pocahontas's Straight Strands

Have thick, straight hair? Don't bother trying to curl it up for the big day — you'll just end up disappointed after a few hours, especially during a summer wedding. Use a boar bristle round brush to get some volume at the roots, then keep the rest of it sleek with a lightweight serum spray. LuxyHair has an awesome YouTube tutorial for a perfect blow-dry set, and you can wrap it in a topknot before the ceremony to add a little extra body.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

8. Mulan's Topknot

If you're going the DIY-route with your wedding strands, a topknot with some simple floral accents is probably the easiest updo to pull off. Pull all your hair into a perfectly tousled pile at the top of your head and let some wispy strands fall out to frame your face. Cosmo UK has a great tutorial to get your bun on in five simple steps.

9. Tiana's Curly Do

Instead of fighting your natural texture on the big day, embrace tight curls! Especially for a summer wedding when the humidity will ruin a blowout before you can take your first sip of champagne, just add a little bit of styling serum to keep frizz at bay. Then pile all those gorgeous ringlets on top of your head (no one wants a sweaty neck on the dance floor) and add a tiara, headband or other clip-in accessory for extra sparkle.

10. Rapunzel's Flower Braid

Basically the epitome of romantic, turn a basic French plait into something special by braiding in flowers and beads as you go. Rapunzel may have gone a little overboard on the floral accents, but you can DIY one strand to match your bouquet. If you're not the crafting type, you can score them on Etsy for less than $10, like the one below from LoveCarolineO.

11. Merida's Defined Curls

Again, I implore you to put down the flat iron and go curly on your wedding day. To keep your natural ringlets from falling flat, try this perm rod set tutorial from the night before. It will help smooth your cuticles, too, which makes strands supershiny.

12. Anna's Braided Updo

For a medieval-princess-meets-modern-bride vibe, add a simple, three-strand braid to a loose updo. has a perfect tutorial for getting a sexy tousled style.

12. Elsa's Infamous Braid

Even if you don't have long, blonde hair as thick as a snow queen's, you can still pull off Elsa's side-braid on your wedding day. I'm totally pro extensions for special occasions — especially to add volume rather than length. Clip a few in at the crown, then follow Cosmo's tutorial for a Frozen- worthy plait.

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