Oliver & Felicity's Wedding Vows On 'Arrow' Will Break Your Olicity-Loving Hearts

Speaking as a diehard Olicity 'shipper, I can honestly say that I've dreamt of what Oliver and Felicity's Arrow wedding would be like long before anyone got down on one knee. And while I knew it was going to be a unique experience to witness, I did not foresee that it would only be taking place as part of trap to lure Cupid (who is ironically on an anti-love crusade) out into the open. However, the writers still managed to make it one of the most moving and powerful moments I've ever witnessed on this show thanks to Oliver and Felicity's wedding vows, which were downright heartbreaking on so many levels.

Granted, Felicity's first try at it didn't prove to be very fruitful, but once Oliver took his turn the entire atmosphere of the room shifted. "You are my always and I just want the chance to be yours," was just a snippet of the romantic text that was flowing from Oliver's mouth. And it definitely had an impact on Felicity because when Cupid showed up and started lamenting that "love is death," she argued against that viewpoint. She said that she considered herself lucky to have experienced love like the way she loves Oliver and that he made her into the best version of herself.

Sounds pretty great, right? Maybe makes you a little more hopeful that they can work through their issues and tie the knot for real? GUESS AGAIN. Because even though they both still love each other, the moving sentiments weren't enough to convince Felicity to give their life together another chance, knowing that he'd always end up reverting back to the person he was on the island. She just can't do it anymore, so she decided to quit working for Team Arrow as well since it would be too hard to see him everyday and not be with him.

So basically, Arrow just ripped our hearts out and stomped all over them. I always try to be an eternal optimist when it comes to these two lovebirds, but I can't deny that things are looking pretty bleak for Olicity right now. I honestly don't see a reconciliation anytime in the foreseeable future. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a box of tissues and pint of ice cream with my name on it. (And as for you, writers, I'll be sending you my therapy bill very shortly.)

Image: Katie Yu/The CW