Exes Write Dating Profiles For Each Other & Spill Some Truth Sauce — VIDEO

Being someone's significant other is hard enough, but being someone's ex is a whole other animal altogether. I couldn't imagine hanging out with my ex, let alone being the kind of exes that make dating profiles for each other. Yet, somehow, BuzzFeed got a bunch of exes together to do just that. How this didn't end up a bloodbath is a lesson in maturity I have yet to learn.

I think the most awkward part of creating any dating profile (and I'm saying this from experience, people) is trying to show your good qualities without sounding like you are a cocky butthole. I can't tell you how many times I've swiped left because it looked like a bragging list instead of an honest portrayal of good qualities. That's why I always focused extra hard on coming off as a genuine person. Having someone else do that for you makes it so much easier. Listing your own good qualities is hard, so a friend is who you should be turning to for advice. Seeing that concept executed by someone who used to date you is a surefire way of learning exactly what you did wrong in he relationship, and what you did right. Who better knows your best and worst qualities than someone who dated you?

So on one hand, I would be terrified to have an honest conversation with someone I used to date, but on the other — I feel like I would have learned a lot. Maybe I'll reach out and ask him what my good qualities were ... or maybe I will never speak to him again and live my life to the fullest. I don't know. The possibilities are endless. Until then, check out some of the great moments that arose after the exes worked on each other's dating profiles.

1. What To Expect

My first fear about letting someone I dated make a dating profile for me would obviously be their motivation. Will they be kind? Nasty? Spiteful? Encouraging? Will they tell everyone about my lack of filter or how my thoughts jump around in an endless quest to find an answer to an insignificant question? Relationships are like job interviews for your personality, and the best ones hire you despite a lack of experience and goofy demeanor.

2. Expect The Unexpected

We forget that letting someone make a dating profile for us means that they also get to choose the picture and username. So get ready for a lot of inside jokes. And a lot of unflattering pictures. Or some really great pictures, in the case of a relationship that ended amicably.

3. The Truth Comes Out

Do not attempt to do this with your ex unless you are ready to hear things that might or might not have been the reason you broke up.

4. Finally, Always Remember That...

Keep that lesson in mind the next time you want to complain about an ex. Especially after they create your new dating profile.

Watch the full video below!

Images: YouTube