Paul McCartney Joins 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5,' But Who Will He Play?

Well, it looks like someone's sailing the sea of green, and hopping aboard the Black Pearl. According to Deadline, musical monolith Paul McCartney may be joining the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 — aka, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Now, I have to say, this certainly won't be McCartney's biggest acting credit to date — you may have seen him in films like A Hard Day's Night and Help! with a little band called The Beatles — but it is an intriguing addition. I mean, who is McCartney playing in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Short answer: It's still very unclear. The only hint we have is via Deadline, and they're saying that a "very big set piece" is being built around McCartney... and that's all that's been reveals. But, like, built literally? Is this going to be a Davey Jones thing, where we're going to see McCartney covered in tentacles? Or is it more of a ship-like set piece. You know, yo ho, yo ho, a pirate life for him... with a yellow submarine to live in?

The first natural guess is that McCartney will make for a top tier pirate, as pirates are basically the OG rock stars. You know, wild, reckless, boozing and pillaging and setting villages on fire. Also worth noting: this isn't the first time rock legend has sailed into the franchise, either. Keith Richards — Rolling Stones guitarist and one of Depp's inspirations for the Jack Sparrow character (according to Depp himself in a 2003 interview) — popped up in At World's End and On Stranger Tides and Captain Jack's father, Captain Teague. If the franchise decides to bring the Keeper of the Code back, we could have two of the world's biggest rock stars share screen time, possibly in some swashbuckling garb, potentially armed with swords.

Actually, wouldn't it be interesting to have McCartney play a rival of Richards and have them duel it out once and for all? I see some potential.

Then, the other possibility is that McCartney could take on a more villainous role as a literal or metaphorical sea monster, though this seems less likely. Javier Bardem is slated to be this installment's antagonist as Captain Salazar, whoever that may be. It's unlikely that the film would need McCartney to play a secondary antagonist, so perhaps he'd have more of a cameo as some legend of sea lore. But who haven't we seen yet? King Triton? Is he even a real sea legend, or would we just be repurposing Disney characters?

Then again, I could be entirely off the mark and McCartney could be set to play a more dignified character, a Commodore or an Admiral of the British navy looking to stop Sparrow's shenanigans. It could work, certainly Sir McCartney could play calm, dignified, and very English if he so chooses (I mean, by virtue of being English in the first place). But eh, I'm still leaning towards pirate or mythological ocean creature, it just seems more fun.

Time will only only tell what tales McCartney and his crew are embarking on. I get a feeling, though, the it won't be smooth sailing... regardless of what color the sea is.

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