Jenna From ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Was On ‘Hannah Montana’ Around The Time She Began Wreaking Havoc In Rosewood

Once upon a time, right around when A and Uber A and Big A and Big Bad and A’s Minions and The Fl-A-vor Of The Week began their quest to destroy the lives of Rosewood’s prettiest and littlest liars, one of the fictional town’s residents dated and married Hannah Montana’s brother. And that resident was Jenna Marshall. On the fourth season of Disney Channel original scripted multicam comedy Hannah Montana , Jackson Stewart (Jason Earles), met a bikini model named Siena. And Siena was played by Tammin Sursok. And Tammin Sursok is the actress who plays Jenna Marshall on Freeform mystery-drama Pretty Little Liars.

Y'all. Y'all. Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) was Jenna Marshall's, er, Siena's sister-in-law.

This PLL/HM connection hadn't crossed my mind in years, but that all changed this afternoon. Swept up in the excitement surrounding the 10-year anniversary of the Hannah Montana series premiere, I stumbled down a YouTube video K-hole Thursday. And at some point during said stumble, I landed on a very special montage of Jackson and Siena moments. And the first time Sursok appeared onscreen, I let out a heartfelt gasp.

Jenna and Jackson! Excuse me, SIENA and Jackson! I almost forgot that this couple was a thing!

Welp! There's only one thing to do! And that thing is rewatch the entire series! It's been far too long!