Will Jenna Return For 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6B? Rosewood Just Isn't The Same Without Her

There was a lot that went down in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere. Not only were we introduced to a brand new mystery (aka, Charlotte's murder), but we were also able to discover what everyone's been up to post-time jump. Well, almost everyone, that is. While all of the main characters have returned to Rosewood, it appears as though Jenna Marshall is still completely MIA, which has left many diehard fans (such as myself) wondering whether or not Jenna will be in Pretty Little Liars Season 6B at all. But fear not, my friends, for her absence will not be forever. She may not have been the one in the casket like we had initially predicted, but you can be rest assured that Jenna will return to PLL at some point throughout the remainder season and show viewers what she's been up to over the past five years.

"She's not in any of the episodes we've filmed so far, but we do have a storyline for her coming up," show creator I. Marlene King teased to Zap2It.com during an interview back in August. "We do get to see her five years later." Now, of course, King refused to go into any further details about Jenna's return (because where would be the fun in that?), however, chances are this character will undoubtedly be back to her old, mysterious tricks and make life a little harder on our beloved Liars.

But what if there's more to Jenna's return than just her usual taunting? We know that there's another Big Bad looming on the horizon. Perhaps Jenna has somehow gotten herself involved in the Uber A game — or maybe has even become Uber A herself. Jenna has always had a strained relationship with the Liars since Day 1, so the idea of her plotting against them isn't exactly a hard concept to swallow. I'm not saying that she's necessarily the one who physically killed Charlotte, but it'd be naive to think she didn't have a hand in the matter.

Then again, maybe it's the other way around. What if, after learning about Charlotte's death, Jenna thinks the Liars are behind it and vows to seek revenge on them? Right now it's unclear how close Charlotte and Jenna were, but there could've been a stronger friendship existing between the two of them than we ever realized. After all, why else would Jenna be returning to Rosewood if not for Charlotte's death? It's not like she has a lot of great memories associated with this town or the people in it. No, odds are she's managed to dig up more dirt on the Liars and has every intention of using it against them.

Aside from being briefly mentioned during the Liar's senior prom in Season 6A (she went with Lucas), fans haven't seen hide nor hair of Jenna since "How the 'A' Stole Christmas' back in December 2014. That's a long time to go without an update, so I'd say any possibility is fair game. Because honestly, if this show has taught me anything it's that the less we see of someone, the more suspicious they become.

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