Are The Too Faced Melted Matte Lipsticks Sold Out? They're Proving To Be A Hit

Wow. Just... wow. Too Faced once again slays all with a new lip innovation, challenging Kylie Lip Kits for mega matte, suede-like lip dominance. The Too Faced Melted Matte Lipsticks were officially set to launch on April 5 and that's quite a big deal, since the brand's now-iconic Melted Liquid Lipsticks got some revisions with this version. For this edition, the brand swapped out the squeeze tube sponge tip in favor of a tube with a wand, in addition to creating a majorly matte formula. Makeupistas were super stoked about this new iteration of the Melted. Even though the Melted Mattes, which come in a variety of colors from pinks to purples to nudes, weren't scheduled to officially arrive for another two weeks, are the Too Faced Melted Matte lipsticks already sold out?!

Actually, most of the Melted Matte shades are already sold out on the Sephora site. I'm thinking that the Melted Mattes are still slated to land as planned in Sephora stores on April 5. Bustle reached out to Too Faced reps for more information.

Brand founder Jerrod Blandino, who makes all sorts of crucial reveals on his personal Instagram page, posted a video of a new batch of Melted Mattes, which cost $21, being made. It's a cool clip of ooey, gooey, and hot pink liquid goodness. However, in the post's caption, Blandino pointed out that the hippies are already sold out at

Observe makeup being... made!

The good news here is that Too Faced is quickly making more so that a restock can happen on the quick. Whew.

When the lipsticks were first announced, Too Faced revealed that the Melted Mattes would be exclusive to Sephora at first and that there would be a few Sephora-only shades.

As of right now, only four of the darker, gothier, and vampier shades remain available for purchase. Also, there are only 16 shades on the Sephora site right now, even though there are supposed to be 18 in total.

However, two shades, named Marcia Marcia, Marcia and On Point, are not listed here and those were said to be Sephora exclusives upon announce. So perhaps those are coming on April 5?

Stay tuned! At least you know more are being made.

They are awesome, right?

Go ahead, gawk a little more at the Melted Matte awesomeness.

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