Where Can You Buy Kendall + Kylie Sunglasses? The Shades Might Be Available At These Retailers

My favorite thing about Daylight Savings Time? Oh, just the fact that I can wear sunglasses, my signature and most beloved accessory, even more, since the days are longer. So imagine my joy upon learning that Kendall and Kylie Jenner may be adding sunglasses to their upscale, eponymous line. There is no way that the Kendall + Kylie shades games won't be stronger than all. The sisters launched their Kendall + Kylie collection at Nordstrom this week and amid all of that promotion, promotion, promotion, Kylie took the opportunity to tease a pair of gold aviators on her Instagram. The arm of the shades were stamped with the Kendall + Kylie logo. So yeah, it's pretty much happening. The Kendall + Kylie collection is full of dresses and shoes and I am all about expanding into sunnies. The next critical question is this: Where will the Kendall + Kylie sunglasses be sold?

We can assume that the sunnies will be sold at all the locations that currently sell Kendall + Kylie. Those retailers include Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Revolve Clothing, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Shopbop.

However, we don't know if all of the aforementioned Kendall + Kylie retailers will be selling the sunglasses or if one of those retailers will get exclusive first dibs. Perhaps a brand new retail outlet will get first crack at selling the glasses. There are options, but those are the likely retailers.

The sisters and their brand have not shared the exact timetable for the launching of the shades. One can only assume and hope that they will be available for the 2016 summer season, since the days are longer and eye (and surrounding skin) protection is a priority. Plus, how many cute outfits do you already have lined up for summer wear that will be totally enhanced by K+K sunglasses?

Plus, Kylie shared a shot of a pair, so they have probably been produced and could be ready to ship sooner than we think. So there's that.

All we can tell you based on available intel is that sunglasses are apparently happening, they look amazing, they will likely be widely available, and we will certainly keep you posted as we get more information about where to purchase them.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1)