These Are The Cities With The Best Public Transit

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If you're thinking about ways to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, you might want to consider the best cities for public transportation. Getting rid of your car is a great way to make money appear out of thin air, and a great way to reduce the amount of carbon pollution you contribute. Public transportation is the ultimate carpool situation that gives you the freedom to preserve the climate and the freedom to never have to worry about parking tickets or being the designated driver. If that's not convincing enough, the American Public Transportation Association has released their latest monthly savings report to illuminate how much each two-person household could save monthly and yearly if they switched from driving to public transportation and the results were pretty significant — $9,000 on average.

What that number does take into consideration are the month's average basic costs like gas ($1.71) and parking ($166.26), but what it does not include are additional costs like registration, insurance, maintenance, and other car-related fees, like that stack of parking tickets many city drivers have decoupaged to their windshields. So while the number might not be 100 percent accurate, it does give people a good idea of the savings ballpark they could be in if they ditched their cars.

Among the most "rideable" cities in the United States, New York came in first. On average, New Yorkers save $1,160 a month and $13,926 annually by relying on public transportation. But that's not surprising, is it? New York has so many public transportation options, half the struggle is trying to decide which one to take. It's like, do I feel like being on a ferry, a train, a tram, a subway, a bus, or a bike right now? Every single part of New York is accessible by some form of public transportation. Unlike Los Angeles, which I once tried to convince myself I could live in without a car or any knowledge of the public transportation system, New York is absolutely a city that embraces the car-free life and lets its inhabitants know exactly how to get around.

On the other end of the spectrum, Dallas came in with only $697 monthly savings and $8,362 annually. While there might be a big difference between New York and Dallas living, they're still ranked in the top 20 cities with savings. Some cities that you might be surprised to see on the list are Honolulu, Denver, and Las Vegas. Some cities you won't be surprised to see on the list are San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago. To see the entire list, check out the American Public Transportation Association; to calculate your own personal savings check out the Public Transportation Organization. Could you ditch your car and be one with public transportation?

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