8 Last-Minute Honeymoon Ideas, For When All Of Your Energy Was Spent Planning The Wedding

When you're so focused on the (expensive) wedding, you might push the idea of a proper honeymoon aside — or at least, hold off for a few months until you can raise some income towards the trip. While this is becoming more and more common for newlyweds today, there are still some amazing last-minute honeymoon ideas in case you realize that yes, you are in need of a vacation after months and months of planning. My husband and I were one of the few couples I know that headed off for our honeymoon immediately after the wedding, and trust me — it was the best, happiest trip I've ever taken. Both of us were still beaming over our new titles of husband and wife, and it was nice to relax and enjoy myself after nerves and anticipation were at an all-time high. Post-wedding, you're not focused on doing laundry, or big work projects, or anything else that typically occupies your mind before a big trip.

Keep in mind that your honeymoon doesn't need to be something outrageous, or completely out of your budget — and honestly, on the topic of cash, you'll often find yourself saving a ton when booking last minute. While it's always nice to take a flight, even a short road trip to a brand new place will still be special. The most important thing is being able to spend time with your new husband or wife, and celebrating the fact that you had a beautiful wedding surrounded by your friends and family.

If you haven't been planning (but feel like maybe you should have), here are a few ideas that can be pulled off last minute.

1. A trip to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is great, because you don't need a passport to travel — so if you're without, or lapsed on getting it renewed, you'll have no worries. The Condado Vanderbilt in Puerto Rico is a fantastic place to stay if you're looking for a resort hotel. It's also a venue for destination weddings, which means that they have the bride and groom in mind when offering a relaxing getaway. Pools, bars, and a private beach? Yeah, that's pretty much all I'd want from a honeymoon.

It's located in San Juan, which is a town with a lot going on. Nearby are a few spas, namely Euforia, which has absolutely excellent reviews, and Zen Spa, which is great for relaxation.

2. A nearby couple's spa resort

We might be able to excuse an occasional manicure, but we often don't allow ourselves to go all out with pampering. A few notable spas in the United States include the Aspira Spa in Wisconsin, which aims to give visitors the ultimate holistic experience; California's Cal-A-Vie spa, which is located in the San Diego area, and offers oxygen facials; and New York's Copperhood Retreat & Spa, which is located in the gorgeous Catskills. If you're driving, you'll be able to spend money on treatments that'll make you feel on top of the world.

3. An aquarium

OK, I love aquariums, and I try to fit one into every trip I take. There's something about watching fish that is so calming and peaceful to me, and it's way less depressing than a zoo could be. (Not hating on zoos, but — maybe I shouldn't be able to see a tiger in Pennsylvania, y'know?) Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is known for being the largest in the country, with plenty of exhibits. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has been open since 1930, and houses a bunch of impressive marine animals. If you're heading to South Carolina, you should add Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach to your to-do list, as they have an impressive amount of sharks. Sharks at a safe distance? Sign me up.

4. The Delaware beaches

If you're on the East Coast, head over to Delaware for some fantastic food and sun. Bethany Beach is a wonderful family-oriented beach, while Rehoboth includes Gordon's Pond, which is a fantastic outing if you and your brand new spouse enjoy biking outdoors. There's also Delmarva Board Sport Adventures if you're curious about paddle boarding. And hey — who's not curious about paddle boarding?

5. Niagara Falls

If you have a passport, you can hang out on the Canadian side. If not, you can stay put on the New York side. What was once the ultimate getaway is still big for tourists, as the waterfalls are absolutely beautiful. For a close-up view of the falls, consider going on the Cave of the Winds tour, which will allow you to feel the mist of the water — which is perfect, if you're planning on honeymooning this summer. If wonderful views are your thing, you won't want to miss the Skylon Tower Observation Deck, which will help you get some Instagram-worthy photos.

6. Napa Valley

If you're on the West Coast and enjoy a nice glass (or bottle) of wine, Napa Valley might be a nice little getaway that you can plan quickly. Beau Wine Tours offers exclusive tours and tasting, and tours are often personalized based on your own experience and knowledge of wine. Jamieson Ranch Vineyards would be another stop on the list, as it offers fun wine and food pairing opportunities every Wednesday through Sunday. Napa Valley is also an ideal location if you're fond of biking, as it's absolutely gorgeous.

7. Martha's Vineyard

Since we're talking about relaxing vacations, obviously Martha's Vineyard comes to mind. For those unfamiliar, it's a little island in Massachusetts that offers incredible beaches, wonderful places to eat, and relaxation to the core. Notable places to visit include Morning Glory Farm, which is a working farm with a grocery store where you can buy extremely fresh produce (which will officially open for the season on April 29) and the Edgartown Lighthouse, which is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your surroundings. You can check out the Last Minute Lodging website if you're looking for a hotel in a pinch.

8. Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Emerald Isle is located on the Southern Outer Banks, and it's been known for being wonderfully manicured. It's perfect for the couple who enjoys a quieter beach. And off peak, Emerald Isle is pretty darn quiet — in fact, as of 2013, an estimated 3,714 people live there on a long-term basis. (It grows during peak seasons, but still — that's an insanely quiet beach!) This beach is pretty much hotel-free on the oceanfront, but finding a rental to stay at is not a problem. This segment of North Carolina has the Water Boggan water park, and the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier if you want to try fishing.

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