This Ball Pit For Drunk Adults Is The '90s Throwback Celebration We All Deserve — VIDEO

Fantasy became a reality earlier this month when San Francisco debuted its first pop up ball pit for drunk adults. Ryan Lum, founder of Forward Motion San Francisco, officially achieved greatness when he filled a bar with 40,000 multicolored plastic balls the weekend of March 19. West Coast residents paid a $30 entrance fee in an attempt to relive childhood memories, forgo adult responsibilities, and forget about work in the morning. For a brief shining moment, there existed the opportunity to be tipsy in a room full of plastic balls, and all was right in the world.

Forward Motion, a not-for-profit specializing in creating events that help people leave their comfort zone and “live out their dreams,” was launched by Lum in 2015. They've hosted many events that harken back to the carefree joys of childhood, including games of messy Twister and massive water fights. They encourage you to "cross another item off your bucket list" — especially if it involves partying like it's 1995.

After speaking with the owner of Romper Room, a funky cocktail lounge in Union Square area, Lum came up with the brilliant idea to mix the classic ball pit with booze. He knew the results would be magic.

However, drumming up interest and the funds to match wasn’t all smooth sailing. "It took a little over a year to actually make it happen as the biggest obstacle was trying to raise enough money to purchase 40,000 ball pit balls," Lum wrote to Mashable. "After several failed crowdfunding attempts, I decided to just start selling tickets to [the] event that didn’t even exist. It took a long time trying to raise the money but it was all worth it in the end."

But the nostalgia didn't stop at the creation of the ball pit: "It was also hilarious to see everyone dancing the Macarena, singing the Backstreet Boys, having ball fights with the upstairs crowds, forming conga lines, and [playing] a limbo game," Lum told Mashable. There were more costumes, games, and merriment than a middle school halloween party, Lum added. "It got weird."

While some might shrink at the thought of room full of sticky, sweaty balls, Lum declared the event a success. "I talked to many of the attendees as they left the ball pit with a huge smile on their faces... People loved the idea [and] wanted to know if there will be more."

For those bemoaning cruel fate for missing the first ball party, Mashable reported that there will be a reprise event at the San Francisco nightclub Monarch in April. And, if Lum has it his way, soon a pop up ball pit party may even be coming to a city near you! Just don't start pre-gaming for it now...

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Go home inner child, you’re drunk.

Images: ForwardMotion/Facebook, ForwardMotion/YouTube