Hilary Duff Posted A Makeup Free Selfie That Also Showed Off Her Long Hair — PHOTO

It must be Feeling Fabulous Friday (a term that I just made up, but should be a real thing) because Hilary Duff posted a makeup free selfie on Instagram. To no one's surprise, she looked absolutely gorgeous. The Younger star's photo also showed that her long hair has returned, which Duff said "magically grew overnight."

Duff's hashtags about giving her beauty kit the day off was also quite inspiring. She captioned her Instagram pic, "#nomakeupalldayfeltsoright" and "#thankgodforfilters" to prove that there's nothing like flaunting one's natural beauty to make you feel flawless, because DUH. And in Duff's case, a makeup free selfie isn't surprising given how many other times she's gone the fresh faced route on social media.

Aside from giving us so much life with her selfie, Duff's hair is long again just a few months after she debuted a chin-length bob last December. Before that, she sported the oh-so-trendy lob hairstyle. Whether the extra length is temporary or not, Duff is teasing a new look for spring. Who knows? She might even go pastel again, like when Duff dyed her hair pink earlier this year or even back to the teal mermaid look.

Just a few days before posting her selfie sans fards, Duff shared another fresh-faced photo while rocking a pair of chic eyeglasses.

An adorable pic of the actress with her niece Ryan Ava gives new meaning to the "bed head" hairstyle.

All hail, Hilary Duff — the queen of casual glam.