Hilary Duff Has Short Hair Now — PHOTO

Move over, lob! The bob is already asserting itself as a 'do that will dominate 2016. Case in point: Hilary Duff chopped off her hair, opting for a chin-length bob. The singer and actress didn't go for the ever-popular lob, which is super versatile and can be worn with any texture and still appear to be "longish." Some experts have predicted that both the wob aka "the wavy lob" and the bob will reign supreme as some of the big hair trends of 2016 and Duff is already setting the tone.

I have to commend Duff for going for it. She didn't go with safe. She went with short. Like, really short! For someone like her, who is used to a cascade of long, golden locks framing her face and sitting on her shoulders, this chop had to be a bit jarring.

That said, Duff is utterly gorgeous with her head-hugging bob. It will be super versatile, thanks to the blunt edges and her thick texture. She debuted the 'do in an Instagram pic, showing off a deep side part and some shaggy texture; it had a delightfully '90s shape and style.

But Duff can easily do a center part and blow it pin straight. Or she can rock extensions if she hates it.

That's quite the chop, right? But Duff is so pretty she can pull anything off.

Duff playfully documented the process on Instagram, too. You can appreciate how much of her strands were shed with this scissory snap.

In case you forgot how long her hair was, here's a recent subway selfie illustrating her tumble of golden locks. These could very well have been extensions, mind you. If so, they were blended seamlessly.

One more!

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Duff had an interesting year in hair. She played with a blue x green x gray mermaid trend that was all over during the warmer months.


She's done long layers for so long. It was time for a change.

This messy, braided, and to-die-for bun was the work of Cynthia Vanis, the same stylist who gave her the chop. Clearly, Duff trusts her.

This was her usual romantic shape... but it's gone for now.

Pink hair, Duff don't care! She got in on the hottest hair color of 2015 because of course she did. She is trendy and cute.



As I paged through images of Duff's 2015 'dos on her pretty and lively Insta feed, it was easy to identify her trends. She switched up colors temporarily but largely stuck to her signature bedhead waves. Her bob is a big deal, since it's so much shorter than we're used to and that she is used to.

I look forward to seeing how she styles it and how long she keeps it. Duff fully exited her follicle comfort zone with her bob. They say life begins outside one's comfort zone, so...

Images: Hilary Duff/Instagram (9); Cynthia Vanis/Instagram (1)