This Potential 'GG' Spoiler Could Surprise Fans

OK, fellow Gilmore Girls junkies, it's time for another round of Netflix revival theorizing, although this theory is firmly stamped unconfirmed for now. According to IMDb, someone named Tristan might be in the Gilmore Girls revival, but they're not claiming he'll be played by Chad Micheal Murray. Instead, they're saying he will be played by an actor who is apparently a dead ringer for Murray, rising star Anton Narinskiy (Pitch Perfect 2, Days of Our Lives). Now, as much as I love IMDb, when it comes to projects that are still in production, the information can be a little iffy, and not always legit. This could be a case of a character being given a placeholder name, Narinskiy could be playing a character named Tristan who isn't the beloved troublemaker Tristan Dugrey from Seasons 1 and 2 of the Gilmore Girls — or, the info could simply not be true.

However, for the sake of exploring this theory, let's assume Narinskiy has taken over the role of Tristan from the very busy Murray. What would Tristan even be doing in the revival? After all, the last time Tristan was seen onscreen was in Season 2's "Run Away, Little Boy," when his father shipped him off to military school. Tristan never returned to Chilton, and both his flirtation with Rory and Paris' crush on him never really came up again. Unlike the other characters who are returning for the revival, Tristan left incredibly early on in the show's run. If series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has went through the trouble to recast the character just for a one-episode appearance, then she must have some unfinished business with Tristan.

Personally, I could see this being the case. Narinsky really does look a lot like Murray.


Now, here are a few reasons why Tristan could be returning to the Gilmore Girls revival, if Narinsky is indeed going to be in the series and playing Tristan.

To Offer Condolences To Rory & Emily

Rory's disastrous birthday party in Season 1 revealed the Dugrays and the Gilmores were friends. An older, more mature Tristan could visit Emily and Rory to offer his condolences in the wake of Richard's death. IMDb currently has the character's appearance listed for the first episode of the revival, "Winter," which will be Rory's first holiday season without her grandfather.

Having Tristan show up in this episode, even briefly, could send Rory on an exploration of her past that leads her to whichever one of her ex-beaus she ultimately ends up with. Seeing Tristan would almost be like seeing a ghost. Rory is miles away from "Mary," the nickname Tristan bestowed on her when she first showed up at Chilton, and Tristan would be a totally different person now too (literally for the audience, and figuratively for Rory).

To Visit Chilton

Rory, Paris, and Tristan's high school, Chilton, will factor into the revival in some way. Headmaster Charleston has joined the revival cast, and a photo from the set revealed there will be some sort of visit to the school. Whether the return is for a reunion, a fundraiser, a dream sequence, or possibly for Paris to register her children at the school remains to be seen — but Tristan could factor into any one of those scenarios.

My pick would be for Tristan to run into Paris. They grew up together and he was Paris' first crush, but he didn't always treat Paris with the respect she deserved. Seeing a confident, successful, and happy Paris run into Tristan and acknowledge how far she has come would be the most rewarding use of a return for the character.

To Appear In A Dream Sequence

Gilmore Girls has crafted some strange and intriguing dream sequences in the past, and I would be surprised if the revival didn't include one. The use of dream sequences have always been used to explore the Gilmores' fears and anxieties, like when Lorelai dreamed she was watching her relationship with Luke as a movie, or when Rory was experiencing graduation panic. If Rory feels like her life is moving backwards instead of forwards for some reason, a dream featuring Tristan and Chilton would be a fitting way for her to visualize her feelings.

For A Random Encounter

Sometimes you just run into someone who you haven't seen in years and end up having a conversation that makes you think. Rory or Paris could run into Tristan completely randomly. Rory could even hook up with him — she will be dating early in the series, after all. While there may not be a lot for Tristan as a character to do, there is plenty he could do as a catalyst for Rory or Paris, especially if he appears so early in the story.

To Remind Paris & Rory How Far They Have Come As Friends

Tristan is a part of Rory and Paris' shared past. He even came between their burgeoning friendship on a few occasions. Seeing Tristan again as adults who have been friends for nearly two decades could be a powerful reminder to the both of them of just how much they have grown as people since they first met.

If Tristan has been recast, then I cannot wait to see how he fits into the revival. Even if his role is tiny, it could have an important impact on Rory and Paris, and I am for anything that enhances those two awesome women's stories.

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