The Best Of Oliver's "How Is This Still A Thing?"

One of the greatest segments of Last Week Tonight is John Oliver's "How Is This Still A Thing?" bit, which appears only every so often when it's least expected. Just when it looks like a typical episode mocking a few of the usual public figures who said some questionable things during the week, out pops Mr. Oliver with a mockery of western society as a whole. The greatest thing about this segment is that it questions not only the objectionable, but also the accepted and even the revered — and he does it with class, using a needlessly dramatic voice-over to objectively express the seriousness of these chosen issues.

Ever notice that itty bitty spark of a twinkle in Oliver's eye? That very twinkle is a twinkle of thought, slowly awaiting inception into a potential "How Is This Still A Thing?" moment. It sits there at bay until the proper time when he then throws upon his audience a perspective that rocks world and changes lives. That's how this all works, so sit back and enjoy — and maybe learn something along the way. Without further ado, here are seven of Oliver's absolutely great "How Is This Still A Thing?" moments.

The Swimsuit Issue

"The preferred magazine of dads on the crapper" is right. Originally, the swimsuit issue was created to boost sales of Sports Illustrated during sports' off-seasons, but it ended up becoming the major selling point of the magazine. Surprised? Neither am I. Anyway, Oliver pushing to end the objectification of women for the win!

Columbus Day

This holiday is pretty much nothing but offensive to many and disruptive to all at this point.

Daylight Saving Time

Why does humanity do this? In any case, "what you lose in sleep, you gain in mortal danger."

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand? Ann Rand? On Rond? Well, in any case, well-known businessman and personality Mark Cuban's favorite book is about a misunderstood visionary who blows things up when he doesn't get his way... because it makes him jittery and motivated.

The Commonwealth Games

This is an apparently terrible competition only open to members of the British Commonwealth and relatively unknown to the rest of the non-British commonwealth world. Last Week Tonight is calling for its demise.

Dressing Up As Other Races

Because this just isn't a funny concept, try as offenders might. "Because, you know, Mexico!" Nah, bruh.


This last one on pennies isn't officially a part of his "How Is This Still A Thing" segment, but he makes the same point. After all, it costs more to make pennies than they're actually worth, and according to a 2002 Gallup poll, 2 percent of Americans admitted to regularly throwing pennies out. This means, as Oliver so hilariously put it, "The U.S. Mint is spending millions to make garbage, and that's not their job. That's M. Night Shyamalan's job."

Oliver's "How Is This Still A Thing" is one of the greatest gifts Last Week Tonight has delivered and without a doubt will continue to impart upon the masses. Can't wait to see the next opening for ridicule Oliver spots in his daily life and makes into a "Thing." It's truly bound for greatness.