Who Is Kirk Franklin? "Ultralight Prayer" Features The Gospel Singer's Vocals

Kanye West has done it again. By which I mean that, without any warning, he dropped a new song. On Easter Sunday, West uploaded "Ultralight Prayer" to his official SoundCloud page, and then waited a few hours to share the news on Twitter. Though don't get too excited just yet, or expect this one to be the next chart topper. The song is less of a jam and more of a sermon, and it seems to be a continuation of 'Ye's "Ultralight Beam", one of the songs from The Life of Pablo. Like "Ultralight Beam", "Ultralight Prayer" features both Kelly Price and, most notably, Kirk Franklin. If you're wondering who is Kirk Franklin and what his relationship with Yeezus is, you're not alone. The man seems to be pretty important since he's featured on not one, but now two of 'Ye's tracks, and everyone wants to figure him out.

Franklin is a prolific gospel singer and choir director, and while his presence on West's song might be surprising, it's not too big a shock considering how West likes to shake things up. The religious content of this song, and the fact that it's being shared on Easter, isn't actually too odd move for West — it'd be stranger if the star didn't surprise us every once in a while. What better time to share new music and a new direction than a holiday? But enough about West. Let's get back to Franklin. Here's everything to know about the gospel singer and newest 'Ye collaborator.

He's Been Making Music For 23 Years

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Franklin made his debut in 1993 with Kirk Franklin & The Family, an album that featured a 17-voice choir.

He's A Platinum Selling Artist

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Five of Kirk's albums — both from Kirk Franklin & The Family and his solo career — have gone platinum.

He's Won Seven Grammys


Yeah, seven. That's a lot of Grammys.

He's Been On Sister, Sister

Though this might not be his crowning achievement, it's obviously important to note.

He Performed With Kanye On SNL

That infamous performance back in February (you know, the one with the leaked rant)? Oh yeah, Franklin was there.

Looks like these two musicians might be a match made in collaboration heaven.

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