Hook's Brother Liam Died On 'Once Upon A Time,' But Not Before Getting A Happily Ever After

I'm going to level with you guys — life in the Underworld has not been easy for any of our Storybrooke characters thus far. And I have a strong feeling that things are only going to get worse before they get better. That being said, Sunday night's episode "Brothers Jones" did bring about one happy storyline amid all of this gloom and doom. Hook reunited with his brother Liam Jones on Once Upon a Time and helped to shed some light on their complicated backstory. (Like the fact that Liam once brokered a deal with Hades and wasn't the hero Hook had always made him out to be.) So, in a way, some might feel it's fitting that Liam ended up dying (for good this time) at the end of the episode, however, it should be noted that he also managed to redeem himself in the process.

Here's the thing — back in the day, Liam desperately wanted for Hook and himself to become captains in the King's navy. But considering that their father sold them to the captain of a pirate ship, they were unable to pursue that dream. So when Hades came around and promised to make it all possible with a wave of his magically demonic hand — in exchange for letting the rest of their crew die in a terrible storm — Liam agreed to the deal (unbeknownst to Hook, of course). And it's a terrible secret that Liam's been carrying around ever since — one that Hades threatened to expose to Hook if Liam didn't confiscate Hades' storybook pages before the others could get their hands on them.

But in true OUAT fashion, the secret ended up bubbling to the surface anyway and resulted in a very heated life-and-death situation. Liam stood up to Hades and put himself in the line of fire (quite literally) in order to protect his brother. In the end, he allowed himself to fall into the fiery sea below, knowing that it was time for him to truly pay for what he's done. And just like that, he was redeemed and able to go on to a much happier afterlife, along with the fellow crew members he indirectly murdered. So while it was still sad to see Hook say goodbye to his brother yet again, it was nice to know that it happened after Liam became the man Hook always thought him to be.

Image: Eike Schroter/ABC