Marnie Runs Into Someone From Her Past On 'Girls'

by Nicole Pomarico

I don't want to admit that I've been rooting for Marnie and Desi to split up on Girls, but let's face it: they're kind of a disaster together. And even though their wedding was, like, yesterday, it looks like that's finally starting to happen. On last week's episode, Desi started building a wall in their apartment without Marnie's permission, and even though she seemed to think it was OK then, it's definitely not OK now. Because on this week's Girls , Marnie runs into Charlie while she's out on a walk, and it's exactly what she needs to snap out of it for once and for all.

And yes, you read that correctly. Charlie. The Charlie we haven't seen in forever and who I assumed we'd never see again. Marnie leaves to clear her head and, among a group of cat callers on the street, there's Charlie — except with a huge beard and an acquired accent that he definitely didn't have before. They start talking, and Marnie finds out his app business has tanked, his dad committed suicide, and basically had a massive downward spiral ever since. But there's something that draws her to him anyway. Maybe it's because they had such a comfortable relationship in the past. Maybe it's just because it's not Desi. But they end up actually hanging out.

First things first: Charlie takes Marnie to pick out a fancy dress for a party he's taking her to, and when they get there, it's obvious he's doing a drug deal. He sells a rich man some cocaine while Marnie scams the same dude out of a few hundred dollars, pretending to be a sex worker, and then they leave... only to steal a boat that later capsizes. This is a real episode that is happening, and it is simultaneously ridiculous and awesome.

But this semi-magical night is not what convinces Marnie to leave Desi — it's what happens after. On the way back to Charlie's place (which is terrifying, by the way), Marnie gets mugged at gunpoint and her purse and wedding ring get stolen. Ringless, she and Charlie end up sleeping together, and before she leaves in the morning, she finds one of his needles on the floor... which he explains away by saying he has diabetes. Marnie doesn't say anything, but it's obvious that this gives her the a-ha moment she has needed for such a long time.

So she goes home, only to find Desi sitting on the steps, crying, because of course he is. And when she sees him, it's like all the things the rest of us have been thinking for the past couple of seasons finally hit her. The whole relationship has been doomed from the start, and when she told him she didn't want to be married to him anymore, I was waiting for the hallelujah chorus to begin. I don't think I've ever been so happy about a fictional breakup in my life.

Now that Marnie's no longer with Desi, I can't wait to see her become her own character again, and not just who Desi wants her to be. It may not have been the most graceful journey for her, but it was definitely necessary, and in the end, she got where she needed to be. And even though she's always felt like Charlie held her back in their relationship, it's interesting that he's the one who set her free. Here's hoping it stays that way!

Image: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO