Blake Griffin Shows His Many Sides On 'Broad City'

Whenever Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have a guest star on Broad City, I am amazed at what they are capable of getting that guest star to do on their Comedy Central series. Like Kelly Ripa before him, Blake Griffin on Broad City will likely go down as one of the most epic guest stars, thanks to a bawdy cameo. Even if you aren't super familiar with this NBA superstar, Griffin is a TV-friendly face because of his many endorsements and hilarious TV commercials. It's no wonder that Broad City tapped into the basketball player's knack for comedic timing for its March 30 episode "B&B-NYC."

When he's not joining our fav Broad City gals, Griffin is a power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team. Along with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan, Griffin is one of the strongest players on the team, which, until recently, was used to being overshadowed by Los Angeles' other basketball team — the Lakers. But, the Clippers have come into their own thanks in part to strong players like Griffin. However, it's not like the 6'10" star hasn't also made a name for himself outside of the NBA for years as a spokesperson for GameFly with a series of quirky commercials for the video game company under his belt.

Plus, according to Forbes, Blake does endorsements for Nike, Subway, PowerBar, VIZIO, the video game Rage, and perhaps most memorably, Kia Motors. Griffin has multiple commercials for Kia in which he displays his charisma, but he also jumped over the hood of a Kia back in 2011 to win the NBA Slam Dunk Content.

As for Griffin's time on Broad City, expect something as equally memorable as his previous commercials and dunking skills. In "B&B-NYC," Ilana meets Griffin in a club and wants to hook up with him in order to get a new stamp in her sexual passport — a conquest over the height of 6'5". Yet, with great height comes great responsibility and Ilana and Griffin's antics in the bedroom are full of outrageous moves with plenty of blurred out genitalia.

For those who have been missing Griffin playing basketball (he's currently serving a four-game suspension until April 3), his guest appearance on Broad City will give you the Griffin you've been craving. And, if you're on the opposite side of the spectrum and have never watched him play in a Clippers game before, his moves in the bedroom on Broad City might just inspire you to check out his moves on the court.

Image: Comedy Central